Stella’s new dress!

Sewing machine cover

Sewing machine cover

Finally, my sewing machine cover is complete, after a very slow beginning. I was hesitant to cut into the fabric (what if I cut a piece upside down), had to decide which pattern to use, worried whether my contrast pieces would work, and should I use interfacing or a lining? Once I dug in, it was a very simple project. Without logging the actual time worked, I think it took around 6 hours total.

Using instructions from two patterns, 1. here and 2. here, I ended up making my pattern, with a lining and one pocket.

How did it come out? I’d welcome your comments, yay or nay. I’m pleased overall, and it was nice to see that old fabric become something real, and oh my goodness, it was fun to sew again! The end pocket is roomy enough for scissors, rulers, etc or for holding the foot pedal when all is done for the day. The pattern is right side up on every piece. I really like the little border of red flannel at the bottom. Success! Oh, I found that a pin was clenched between my lips most of the time. Is that normal?

You’ll notice two black/gray stripey things to the right. That would be Frieda. She has to be in the middle of everything, every time.

One more question. Does anyone name their sewing machines? Obviously, mine is Stella.