#StitchingSanta Reveal – My turn to play Santa

First off, a great big thank you is in order to Sewchet’s Sheila, who organized this #StitchingSanta gift exchange. It appears to have been a grand success. And oh, what fun! I received a heaping helping of goodness from my Santa Michelle, and I was able to play Santa to a most delightful recipient.

My partner was Abigail (Abi) of Freckled Fashionista. Abi is a young sewist, and a very accomplished one I might add. She is cute and funny, and has a passion for creative arts, including sewing. I had stumbled upon and followed her blog shortly before Sheila paired me up with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

Unfortunately, I took very few photos (and you’ve seen two of them before).

IMG_5446 (2)

This little ensemble became pin and needle cushions. The red flannel is from my stash (Abi loves flannel) and I made the traditional “tomato” effect with red and silver thread. Each is topped with vintage button, and has a felt bottom.


Knowing Abi’s love of flannel, I searched the vintage and thrift stores where I finally found a great piece for her, a lovely red plaid. The pink and gray appears to be a linen blend and seems perfect for a little summery something.

IMG_5564 (1)

Here are the cushions and a tiny Christmas box of vintage buttons, some of which are matching sets.


I added a little bit of hot chocolate into the mix for good measure, and sent them off to Abi!

I’m thrilled to report that Abi loved all her goodies (she reported on her blog right away), and I am looking forward to seeing her new creations. Happy New Year, Abi, and to all of you!


#StitchingSanta Reveal – My Santa Rocks!

Good morning all, and welcome to my Big Reveal!

You may recall that I’ve been away visiting my mom and sister in California. And you may also recall that my StitchingSanta parcel arrived during my absence and that I’ve whined like a baby having to wait so long to open my package. Well, finally Opening Day has arrived and I am so happy to share my goodies with you. First of all, there are A LOT of photos (for which I make no apology) because my Santa, Michelle, was so extraordinarily generous. Please check out her blog, Sewnhenge, I know you’ll love it, too!

So without further ado, let’s get this parcel opened.


This was a jam-packed box! Which became…


…a table full of whimsical packages. Which became….


…an amazing pile of abundance! Would you like some closeups? Of course you would! So I must oblige. Continue reading

Sunday Sevens – Week 67 (Ahem….Make that Sunday Ones?)

Good morning everyone! This is not a very compliant Sunday Sevens, as I only have one photograph. You can read all about Sunday Sevens (and how to do it properly) by checking out the blog Threads and Bobbins, by Natalie, who started it all. You might even want to join in!

This week there are no holiday decorations, no pretty skies, no cats, no dogs, nada. My week, while quite busy and productive, has not been documented by a single photograph! (I considered posting a rant about the pink-sweater woman in Macy’s who had been standing at the wrong side of the counter, paying no attention to the line. When the clerk showed her the line, she popped herself right into the middle of it. You guessed it, directly in front of my mom [in her walker] and me. Apparently, she believed her special line began and ended with her. I hope her day got better, and there were a great many happy, wonderful shoppers who cheerfully expressed their holiday spirit.) But I digress.

Without further ado, here is my one photograph. I had asked my husband to send me a picture when a certain package arrived. Mind, he is not an enthusiastic photographer and has no editing proclivity, so this is what I received from him. Shopping bags on the floor, magazines on the table, and my package! There is no return address showing (where oh where did this come from? and from whom? is there a name somewhere? anywhere? I have to wait to open it till I get home on Dec 28!!).

You’ll also notice #stitchingsanta prominently written on the side.

20151218_200706 (2)

And that’s when it hit me….I had neglected to label my package as such. I’m sure my partner recognized my name in the return address, and realized the package was from her Santa and that her Santa was me even before she opened it!

So Happy Holidays everyone, I hope all you happy santas properly labeled your packages, and that you can open your own on Christmas Day!

Sunday Sevens – Week 66

Greetings all! Another week has raced by and here we are again meeting up for Sunday Sevens. To learn all about Sunday Sevens, head over to Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins. It’s easy, fun, and everyone can play!


Christmas Decorating

An old favorite

An old favorite

I remember this little ornament from when I was in elementary school. Save for a wobbly neck piece, it’s held up rather well, don’t you think.

Welcome, Stormy Weather


Stormy skies

After a few hours of welcome rain, sunny skies emerged. Less than an hour later, the clouds were black and threatening again. And there is snow in the mountains!

So mysterious..


A bit of flannel. A bit of linen (blend). Look promising to anyone?

No cat picture today

My buddy

My buddy

My sister’s dog must be among the sweetest ever – he loves cuddles!

Searching for a book 

Lots of books, and....

Lots of books, and….

Sister has a wealth of books for the choosing. I selected “behind the scenes at the museum”, by Kate Atkinson. Has anyone read it?
This book (which I’ve yet to start) was not on the shelf pictured, but this tiny figure was. He rather distracted me from my search. (I call him Little Ralph)



Finishing up my Stitchin’Santa gift package. You may have seen some hints in my recent posts.

That’s it for today. Wishing a great upcoming week for all.

Stitch on, everyone!

Sunday Sevens – Week 65

Hi all, welcome to this week’s Sunday Sevens. What is Sunday Sevens? Well, it is a place to blog about the little things of your week – those that might not merit a whole post of their own. You only need seven (or so) pictures. Easy! It was created by Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins. Why not visit her site, check out the non-rules of Sevens, and think about joining in?


Hide and seek, with feline

IMG_5455 (2)

We can still see you, Molly.

Santa’s on his way

IMG_5458 (2)This handsome Santa is in front of an upscale jewelry store and a Pilates studio. The small, crowded shopping center (where I needed to pick up a bag of coffee) had large, elaborate decorations; he was my favorite.

Christmas Secrets

IMG_5446 (2)

What might become of this little grouping?

Early, Accidental, Unexpected Presents


Working without my sewing machine and rummaging in mom’s old sewing cabinet for necessities. (Oh the hours I’ve spent there!) And look what I found! Vintage Ginghers. In their original box. And now they are mine. I suspect there will a shipment of vintage goodies headed to NY to greet me when I arrive home. Oh happy day!

Sewing Plans

SWAP 2016 JEN ideas board

To be precise, Sewing With  A Plan. Since many of my sewing plans have been temporarily derailed, I’m hoping I can still manage the SWAP 2016. This is my very preliminary idea and it will undoubtedly be revised as it seems quite mundane after more thought. Fingers crossed!

Words of wisdom


I recently read a great quote from world-renowned cellist Pablo Casals on Facebook  and decided to look into it. Here is what I found:

“THE MUSICIAN: Pablo Casals, who performed at the UN recently, is 81. He agreed to have Robert Snyder make a movie short, “A Day in the Life of Pablo Casals.” Snyder asked Casals, the world’s foremost cellist, why he continues to practice four and five hours a day. Casals answered: ‘Because I think I am making progress.’ ” From The Quote Investigator.

Stitch on, everyone and have a most glorious week!