Sunday Sevens – Week 66

Greetings all! Another week has raced by and here we are again meeting up for Sunday Sevens. To learn all about Sunday Sevens, head over to Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins. It’s easy, fun, and everyone can play!


Christmas Decorating

An old favorite

An old favorite

I remember this little ornament from when I was in elementary school. Save for a wobbly neck piece, it’s held up rather well, don’t you think.

Welcome, Stormy Weather


Stormy skies

After a few hours of welcome rain, sunny skies emerged. Less than an hour later, the clouds were black and threatening again. And there is snow in the mountains!

So mysterious..


A bit of flannel. A bit of linen (blend). Look promising to anyone?

No cat picture today

My buddy

My buddy

My sister’s dog must be among the sweetest ever – he loves cuddles!

Searching for a book 

Lots of books, and....

Lots of books, and….

Sister has a wealth of books for the choosing. I selected “behind the scenes at the museum”, by Kate Atkinson. Has anyone read it?
This book (which I’ve yet to start) was not on the shelf pictured, but this tiny figure was. He rather distracted me from my search. (I call him Little Ralph)



Finishing up my Stitchin’Santa gift package. You may have seen some hints in my recent posts.

That’s it for today. Wishing a great upcoming week for all.

Stitch on, everyone!