Diagnosis: Love Mats

Hi there friends! Long time, no post. We’ve had lots of changes, and lots going on, but one of you (lovely Lynne) encouraged me to post about my pup, who will be one year old July 4. This is some of what he’s been up to recently.

Here is Griff, our little GoldendoodleHe was eight weeks when we brought him home.

And soon, he was walking around the neighborhood

Meeting all the neighbors.

Griff became the neighborhood watchpuppy.Faithfully watching over the comings and goings next door (who took this pic).

As you can see,

Neighborhood protection is very tiresome business

Griff went to training

His trainers said he was very elegant, and he showed off nicely for them. It seems, however, that our Griff has forgotten everything he learned.

He watched the Westminster Dog Show

And was quite mesmerized. (Did he wonder why there were no doodles??)

Last week I walked this furball to his groomer, Casey, who told me,

“We need take him to down to 1/4” because of matting. He has very bad love mats behind his ears.” What?? What the heck are love mats?? She asked me, “Do you scratch his head like this” and demonstrated while making the face one would make when scratching a curly doodle head. “Yes!” I exclaimed. I was mortified. She said everyone does this, and it creates mats. Who knew?

Now we’ll limit ourselves to a gentle pat now on the head and then. Or more likely, continue our evil ways of love and just brush his ears religiously. Love mats, indeed.

A whole new Griff, about twenty pounds lighter

and he seems proud of his sleek new appearance.

The rest of the menagerie

Frieda and Jasmine don’t come downstairs much anymore, since neither of them has any time for the big beast. Jasmine is afraid of him, and Frieda just hates him. And frankly, he is afraid of Frieda. You can sense the dynamic here.
Herein ends the recent pet picture extravaganza.

But don’t get me started on our new grandson…..

Happy days, everyone! (I’ve been sewing a bit! Watch this space.)