Sunday Sevens – Week 74

It’s Sunday again! That means it’s time for Natalie’s Sunday Sevens. Check out the Sevens on her blog, Threads and Bobbins. Maybe you’ll want to join in!

A bit of sport


Today in America, it also means Super Sunday. As in Super Bowl Sunday. Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos. Carolina has a powerful team, led by young quarterback, Cam Newton. Newton is extremely talented, fun to watch and has a great future ahead of him. Denver is championship team; previous Super Bowl winners. Their very popular quarterback, Peyton Manning, a man of undeniable skill, is retiring after enjoying a stellar career. Can you guess who I’m pulling for? Let’s see the old man go out with a bang. Go Broncos!

A bit of freshness


Bundled up in coats, boots, gloves and hats, hubby and I ventured out into the cold (and a random snowflake or two) to visit the Rochester Public Market. This is a massive open farmer’s market, with a small mall and an enclosed corridor with meats, some prepared foods, and more veggies.

Ice Cream for Breakfast?


First stop was Boulder Coffee, celebrating Ice Cream for Breakfast Day….they offered free sample sized scoops of vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of balsamic syrup. From the myriad of flavors, we had to try the chocolate. Yummy!

Must have cheese


Next we popped in at VM Giordano Imports European Cheese Shop. Oh yes, we selected three chunks to take home. Three! We do love our cheese around here. And we found, in another (unphotographed) shop, some 5-year-old cheddar. We bought some of that, too, and have already broken into it. Happy cheesy people.



Here is part of the haul. I see some roasted veggies in our immediate future!

A bit of culture

IMG_6051IMG_6050We enjoyed the performance of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Hubby’s “symphony” face. Isn’t he sophisticated? (shhh, he is unaware this picture has been published for all the world to see.) Need to hone my selfie skills.

The obligatory cat


Miss Frieda found a new box. Contrary to appearances, she was happy in there, and clearly didn’t appreciate having her reverie interrupted for a photograph.

Hope your next seven days are fabulous, and we’ll see you back here next Sunday!