Sunday Sevens – Week 94

Hello All and welcome to today’s installment of Sunday Sevens, invented by the lovely Natalie of Threads and Bobbins. Why not give it a peek and see how you can join in.

Seems like a rather uneventful week…but I’ve been up with the birds every day and walking about in the neighborhood. Here are a few shots of what I’ve been enjoying…

Early morning sunlight


This is one of my favorite trees, the light makes these puffy flowers just glow.

A tiny detour


The surrounding woods offer paths and trails for hiking, biking, walking or running – or in my case, simply meandering.

Street art


The whole intersection in this quiet family block is painted in such vivid, colorful, happy nature scenes.

Veggies galore


Healthy eating can be a joyful experience…just look at the delicious beginnings of this 15-bean soup. Yum!


Or how about a “deconstructed” salad, served with a little balsamic, cheese and homemade bread (there must always be bread).

Out my kitchen window


The sweet aroma wafts in and fills the kitchen, and I happily share these blooms with the birds and bees.

We watched a bit of soccer



Not really construction


We are just painting a bedroom, but poorly done repairs by previous owners necessitated some new plastering, new molding, and new closet interiors. Just a quick peek into the entry. More to come.

The double rainbow in the feature photo was taken by my hubby after a recent, welcome rain.

Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday Sevens – Week 92 ( I think? )

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my latest version (and I’ve no idea what the real number is, let alone my own) of Sunday Sevens, invented by Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins. Check out the non-rules, and see if you’d like to join in.

It seems as if we’ve been housebound lately, but I do have some photos of short strolls and wanderings around the house and environs.

Feline Shenanigans

IMG_7071When one walks up the stairs, this little kid stops in front and demands a back scratch.

IMG_7073Upon reaching the first turn landing, she then needs her belly rubbed.

Breaking Bread


My hubby is quite the bread maker…this lumpy darling is my first loaf. Yum!

Cleaning Up


Lots of bare patches to fill in after recent street work was completed. One day as I watered, this little fellow jumped in for a quick shower.

Kiddie Garden


The children work this garden in the elementary school around the corner.

Empty Room

IMG_7190Ah yes, more renovating. Much as I would love this to become my dedicated sewing/dressing room, I believe it will be the new master bedroom.

Wise Words


This sign at the zoo is a bit hidden, I feel it should be more prominently displayed.

Out for a stroll


All kinds of families enjoy a nice summer outing.

Have a most marvelous week everyone!






Sunday Sevens #87

After some sporadic posting lately, my Sunday Sevens post is ready early. So early, in fact, that it was nearly titled Saturday Sevens, but that seemed a teeny bit boastful, don’t you think? If you’d like to know more about Sunday Sevens, pop over to Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins, and check it out. It’s fun, easy, and anyone can join in.

Street Work


The City worked on our street for over a month to relocate the gas meters from the basements to new outdoor locations. Our tiny fence is countersunk so deep they couldn’t drill next to it to install the line; they had to go under the sidewalk instead.  IMG_6917Digging up the sidewalk was messy, but they poured a brand new one. IMG_6932

A day to dry, and our beautiful new sidewalk will be ready!

Around the Neighborhood


Our city has many, many interesting sculptures. This one took my fancy.

April showers brought May flowersIMG_6866We have tulips

IMG_6840So many colors


These are my favorite. Aren’t they spectacular?

Mother’s Day

IMG_6876Took mama out for dinner at a little bistro. We each had a fresh and fabulous salad, and took home this exquisite little pizza for tomorrow night. Yum!

A little outing

IMG_6940Just follow the signs to the alpacas….

IMG_6937This is Jenny and she’s just had her very first haircut. She was a patient client, with a patient, gentle shearer. Isn’t she pretty?


This wool was from the first of 14 alpaca shorn; it is soft as a cloud. Stuff of dreams.


Just added a few shreds of Romano cheese, a sprinkle of fresh parsley, and voila! A meal in minutes. Absolutely delicious!

They are not afraid

IMG_6807Out for a drive to a nearby park, we encountered a group of deer (poorly photographed). They watched as we slowed to a stop, and sauntered on up to greet us! Perhaps they are accustomed to receiving treats from travelers.

New fabric


And a new tunic is in the works.

That’s all folks! Hope you all have a most wonderful week.

Sunday Sevens – Week 82

Hello everyone and welcome to this installation of Sunday Sevens, created by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins. For any who may not know, the Sevens are a means of posting bits from your week that may not warrant a whole post. Pop on in to Threads and Bobbins and check it out. You may want to join in!sunday-sevens-new-logoLast week seemed to just fly by, so here are a few photos to see what was happening in my little world.

Mama’s 90th birthday dinner No. 1


Dinner for the three of us at The Old Toad, classic British pub.


Steak and mushroom pie for hubby, fish and chips for mom, and curry chickpea burger, for me. (yes, there is a bite – nearly forgot to take photos!)

Birthday dinner No. 2


Brother and sister-in-law came over for a yummy dinner of tenderloin and roasted potatoes, with even yummier carrot cake for dessert (this time I totally forgot the photos). After dinner, this is all that remained. Oh my!

First knitting project for mama


We have a lovely “nearly” family member who plays for her high school soccer team. Won’t this be a pretty little jacket done up in school colors (when we find out what those colors are) for chilly soccer evenings?

Next project for me


A new “little project” to keep me going. (BTW, post coming up with recently completed little projects.)

When spring finally arrives…


…we are ready to get the flower beds all spruced up.

Special visitors

IMG_6597 IMG_6598

I just love it when my cardinal couple graces my gardens; Mrs is such a delicate brown and pink, and Mr is a brilliant reddish-orange.

Reading material

IMG_6610Just starting Dying in the Wool, which I picked up at the library. My sister-in-law loaned me Fall of Giants, book 1 of 3. She said it took months for her to read the series!

Pure silliness



We recently watched Bride of Frankenstein, and followed that with Young Frankenstein. Mel Brooks was certainly a genius! Such funny stuff. We were inspired to update our face book profile photos. Yikes!

That’s all folks! Till next Sunday, here’s wishing you a most enjoyable week.

Sunday Sevens – Week 81

Hi all, it’s that time again…Sunday Sevens, which is the invention of Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins, and keeps a few of us (well, me) blogging while sewing posts are slim. You might want to join us in the Sevens, it’s fun and easy; pop over to her blog and check out the rules (or lack thereof).

I’ve taken a few photos over the last couple of weeks, and here they are:

Over the Top Easter Goodies


We were overcome by the immense variety at our local chocolatiers (not to mention the mile-long line) and came home with a sampling. The little marzipan pig reminded mama of her childhood Easter baskets.



A recent blog discussion on the inferior quality of American chocolate (I tend to agree) included the mention of Cadbury Flake. I happened upon some of these bars at in import store and picked one up. Thoughtlessly I tossed the wrapper, so I don’t know if this an American version or truly an import from the UK, but I was sadly unimpressed.

On Baby Watch


At the bend of the gutter next to the brick post, you can see a nest. A little brown mama bird has been adding to it recently, so we should have a passel of wide open, tiny mouths very soon.



Daffodils! Or….are they Narcissus? They seem too small to be my hoped-for Daffodils, but they are all yellow, so maybe?

It’s Spring! Just kidding.


It’s April 3, and this is what I awoke to this morning. And just a couple of hours later…


…sunshine! But still oh, so cold! And every few minutes the clouds would obliterate the sunshine…mama was having quite the time reading the newspaper with the “lights” going on and off all day.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme


And bay leaves and carrots and celery and onion and turkey. Making soup from Easter dinner. I had to save the wishbone, just like in the old days.

Line Up

chairs_IMG_6562My hubby likes to arrange things. These old chairs, which have wintered indoors, are moving downstairs and out  to the front porch. Right now they look like a time-out spot for naughty little children, don’t they?

That’s it for now, wishing you all a most wonderful week!



Sunday Sevens – Week 76

Today’s Sunday Sevens is a little different, serving to explain about my recent absence around the blogosphere. Please check out Natalie’s site, Threads and Bobbins to see what the Sevens are all about.

My sister dubbed December the “Month of Yes”. The Month of Yes was dedicated to enjoying all tasty goodness of the holiday season (it really began in November and ended in January, but let’s not quibble about a few days).

After  enjoying TMOY to its maximum and managing the first month of the new year, February has produced what I’ve dubbed the “Week of No”. In fact, there have been three such weeks resulting in either limited or NO progress in sewing, projects, exercise, cello practicing, my List of 16, photos, or blogging-reading, commenting or posting. Good grief!

The conspirators? A fender-bender in the bank parking lot. I pulled into an empty space, and as I had nearly completed parking, the truck next to me began to pull out. Yes, right into my right front fender and wheel well. Curses. Off we go to the collision department. I am stuck without a vehicle at home when hubby takes the truck to work.

In addition to lack of transportation, we are housebound due to a major snowstorm that dropped eighteen inches of snow. Mom and I exercise indoors, referring to our sessions as our “Knees Up, Mother Browns”.IMG_6188

You can see our little front fence before the snow storm….


and a few hours later. Withing an hour after this photo, fence was entirely covered.


Tough times bring out good people. Our generous next door neighbor and his snowblower cleared driveways and sidewalks for four of the adjacent homes. He made three passes for each of us.


I didn’t have pen and paper handy for phone numbers when same neighbor and another offered help with snow or transportation while husband was in hospital and after bringing him home. What? Did you read that correctly? Yes. My dear hubby slipped on the basement stairs and ruptured the quadricept tendon nearly completely. Surgery performed, a full length leg cast administered, patient finally released and hospital bed delivered. A very long recovery is predicted. Sigh.


My sad, empty makeshift sewing basket. It’s very tiny, the bottom is about 3″ by 6″, and in this picture you can’t see all the holes and “pointy” parts. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a new one?


Oooh, there just might be a new post coming up regarding said basket.

Hoping to get back to some normalcy very soon. Sewing projects are gathered, washed, ready and waiting. In the meantime I’m just trying to stay focused on each moment, and keep myself healthy and strong for everyone else.

Wishing you all a week ahead with no trauma, and lots of progress and joy!






Sunday Sevens – Week 73

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s installment of Sunday Sevens, highlighting some trivia from the past week. Sunday Sevens was started by Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins, and gives a little peek into bits of everyday life that may not call for a whole post. Check it out and see if you’d like to join in, anyone can play!


Two weeks have passed since my last Sunday Sevens post, so here is a little update for you.


IMG_6008 (1)

The bathroom reno is so close – only little touches remain: the shower door, a towel/robe hook,  replacement radiator, vent cover, paper hanger, and glass shelves in brick alcove, all of which will be installed this week. And not a moment too soon, as mom has arrived!IMG_5996

Fold-up shower seat (aren’t we fancy)

IMG_6009 (2)

Into the “Hobbit” closet


Corner sink

IMG_6004 (2)Cat testing


IMG_6015 (2)A second muslin (from different pattern) created for my floral fabric.
It will have its own post shortly.

Happy Sunday to all, and have a fabulous week!


Sunday Sevens – Week 71

Hi all, we’ve arrived again at a new edition of Sunday Sevens, started by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins. Why not take a peek at her blog and check out the “rules” for the Sevens….you might want to join us. It’s fun and easy – no pressure!



Construction Progress

Since construction is the main thing going on around our household, this post will contain too many bathroom photos. The little under-the-stairs bathroom will be completed in less than two weeks, so you’ll soon see the finished room….and then we’re done!

IMG_5824Shower stall and toilet areas are framed. The shower is dark here because it is coated in dark red water proofing. The little brick patch is the back of to-be built-in shelves, honoring the old house by exposing the decommissioned kitchen chimney.

IMG_5827Old, tiny closet to remain undisturbed (except for the floor and some paint).

IMG_5818This newly uncovered corner (space stolen from a teeny tiny shelf closet in the bedroom) is where the corner sink will go. Tile work begins tomorrow, then painting, and then the fixtures can go in.

IMG_5829Once it’s completed, we will need only to ready the bedroom. Piece of cake, don’t you agree?

IMG_5814While our little crew works (3, 2, or 1 depending on the day), I hide out upstairs with a book – sometimes reading, sometimes watching Cat TV with Frieda.

Motto of the week


This is a card I’ve just sent out. Inside says:
Here’s to making history on your birthday!

And here’s to history-making sewing/crafting for all of you! Have a great week!

Sunday Sevens – Week 70

Hi all, we’ve arrived again at a new edition of Sunday Sevens, started by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins. Why not take a peek at her blog and check out the “rules” for the Sevens….you might want to join us. It’s fun and easy – no pressure!




As you can imagine, my week consisted mostly of the fun and games that come along with any construction project. See how the tiny bathroom is coming along. It’s still a shambles, but demo is complete, shower is framed, and even bigger changes will happen next week. The week draws to a close….



One of my goals is to do more reading and I’ve added this title to my shelf (temporarily in this case, as it is on loan from the library). I’m excited to get started on this one, The Pink Suit, by Nicole Mary Kelby. But it will have to wait just a bit, as I  am still enjoying Kate Atkinson’s Behind the Scenes at the Museum.

More Books + Cooking


Have a couple of newish cookbooks that I’ve barely used. The next recipe I’m planning to use, hopefully this week, is Cauliflower Orecchiette with Red Pepper, Basil, and Parmesan, from Cat Cora’s Classics with a Twist. Next up, something from America’s Test Kitchen’s The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook – it has a great variety of yummy dishes to try.



My own kitties were most uncooperative on “photo day”, so I’m substituting this cool metal sign. I’m certainly not advocating smoking, but I do love this sign.



A separate post is coming which will spell it out, but I have completed a muslin (yes!) for my first make of 2016, and first garment for the SWAP. Changes are afoot. There are positives and negatives. Watch this space.

Bagels, how I love them


New Yorkers swear their bagels are the absolute best. It’s a bagel, says this California girl, what’s the big deal? But they are better, so much better. My local Balsam Bagels is the best of the best. And therein lies a problem. During my recent 2-month stay in California, I had one bagel each month. After returning home, I’ve had one bagel each day. This is undoubtedly contributing to the problems with my muslin. (oh, could that have been a clue?)

Till next time, stitch on everyone!

Sunday Sevens – Week 67 (Ahem….Make that Sunday Ones?)

Good morning everyone! This is not a very compliant Sunday Sevens, as I only have one photograph. You can read all about Sunday Sevens (and how to do it properly) by checking out the blog Threads and Bobbins, by Natalie, who started it all. You might even want to join in!

This week there are no holiday decorations, no pretty skies, no cats, no dogs, nada. My week, while quite busy and productive, has not been documented by a single photograph! (I considered posting a rant about the pink-sweater woman in Macy’s who had been standing at the wrong side of the counter, paying no attention to the line. When the clerk showed her the line, she popped herself right into the middle of it. You guessed it, directly in front of my mom [in her walker] and me. Apparently, she believed her special line began and ended with her. I hope her day got better, and there were a great many happy, wonderful shoppers who cheerfully expressed their holiday spirit.) But I digress.

Without further ado, here is my one photograph. I had asked my husband to send me a picture when a certain package arrived. Mind, he is not an enthusiastic photographer and has no editing proclivity, so this is what I received from him. Shopping bags on the floor, magazines on the table, and my package! There is no return address showing (where oh where did this come from? and from whom? is there a name somewhere? anywhere? I have to wait to open it till I get home on Dec 28!!).

You’ll also notice #stitchingsanta prominently written on the side.

20151218_200706 (2)

And that’s when it hit me….I had neglected to label my package as such. I’m sure my partner recognized my name in the return address, and realized the package was from her Santa and that her Santa was me even before she opened it!

So Happy Holidays everyone, I hope all you happy santas properly labeled your packages, and that you can open your own on Christmas Day!