Sunday Sevens – Week 60

Hello lovelies! Today’s Sunday Sevens offers a few glimpses of my last two weeks. Why not pop on in to Natalie’s site, Threads and Bobbins, to see what Sunday Sevens is all about; it’s fun and anyone can join in.


Just a Nature Study

Glorious autumn is still evident with foliage in transition. A
“girls’ day out” was in order for Mom’s last week here; the two of us visited Letchworth State Park where we had reservations at the Glen Iris Inn for a lovely light lunch. The location is idyllic, steps away from the falls in this gorge.

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park

A Tiny Bit of Shopping

After lunch, we stopped into the inn’s tiny gift shop. Mom officially started her Christmas shopping with this adorable little purse for teenage girl who is “nearly” family.

Sweet little blue leather purse

Sweet little blue leather purse

And Church Bells Ring

We wanted to show Mom Christ Church, an Episcopal church downtown, before she went home. It’s old, beautiful, historic, and has the most enormous, incredible pipe organ I could ever imagine. This picture doesn’t begin to do it justice.

The pipes

The pipes

All Along the Lakeside

We made a tour of the local shoreline, driving through neighborhoods both exclusive and humble, an amusement park, apple orchards. This is a tiny part of the Lake Ontario shoreline. (Lake Ontario is the smallest in surface area and second smallest in volume of the Great Lakes)


Apples and Vino

Back in California now, wrapping up our time together by spending the week with Mom and sister. We visited Apple Hill, where we had hot apple cider donuts with fresh apple cider, and bought some apples to take home.

Apples galore

Apples galore

Heading back down the road we came upon Boeger Winery, nestled in the beautiful California oak and pine trees – ah, i do miss them. We indulged in a wee bit of wine tasting and took in the fabulous scenery. There are lots of delightful little outdoor nooks such as this one, as well as expansive winery vistas.

A quiet resting spot

A quiet resting spot

Sewing and Joining In

I’ll be returning home in a few days and will be back at my sewing machine. My long neglected skirt (and sewing challenges) will be finished and blogged, and oh yes, I’ve joined in Sewchet’s stitchingsanta! The deadline was Oct 31 and I squeaked in on the very last day. Whew. Now the pressure is on; a secret Santa can’t just throw any old thing together, you know….

What About Me?



Is this an accusing face or what? Perhaps Frieda gets more air time, but Jasmine is pretty cute, too, and seems to have something to say. So, just because it has been a while since she has been included, here she is.

That’s it for now, but I promise to be back soon with finished project, and upcoming projects. And no more trees…..well, maybe.

Stitch on, everyone!

Sunday Sevens – Week 57

Hi everyone, it’s time for this week’s Sunday Sevens, a little ode to randomness, those bits that don’t merit a whole post. For info about Sunday Sevens, please pop in to see the creator, Natalie, over at Threads & Bobbins. There are no real rules, just sharing of seven(ish) pictures.


So here we go with today’s Sunday wrap up.

First of all, the very best of all things is happening. My sister arrived on Wednesday with our 89-year-old mother! Sis has gone home, but mom will be here for 3 full weeks! In light of this, my blogging might be extra light, but I do have some fun pics to share. This week most of the photos were taken on a day of wine tasting at the Finger Lakes. I didn’t even know these wineries existed! The skies were overcast but no rain, the leaves are turning, so much greenery…all in all, fabulous!

Wine Tasting


First stop

This was a bustling place, some good wines, and a very nice concierge who directed us to Glenora Winery, 10 miles down the road which offers a good restaurant.


Second stop

This was the most fabulous place! Overlooking Seneca Lake, magnificent views of the color show put on by all the foliage. We didn’t go to the wine tasting room, just the restaurant where we indulged in pumpkin soup and a sandwich. Oh yes, and an incredibly decadent carrot cake with caramel and “Parisian” ice cream. Pure joy.


Bottle Tree

This festive tree is in the lobby. Clever, don’t you think?


Third (and final) stop

The final stop was a very small winery on the opposite side of the lake. Wine wasn’t special, but the views were!

A Pretty Mistake


Misdirected roses

We had a package delivered to our doorstep. It was addressed to the previous owner. We called the delivery service, and they promised to contact the sender, and said “keep the flowers”. Yes, thank you.

Keeping the Walks Going


Little sculpture at the corner nearly covered by these pretty little daisies.

We set off to pick up a newspaper just around the corner, but….


Ooooh, scary neighboring tree

do we dare pass this skeleton-laden tree? We did! Two days in a row we walked to the market and picked up the newspaper. Unscathed. Such troopers.

Have a lovely week everyone!