Photo Challenge – Ceiling

The 2017 One-a-Week Photo Challenge is sponsored by Cathy from Nanacathydotcom and Sandra from Wild Daffodil.

The new challenge begins with the prompt: CEILING.

One of our favorite haunts is the Eastman Theatre, home of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the host for many other events. And in the theatre, one of our favorite spots is the lobby, where hanging from the CEILING is this breathtaking sculpture. This piece was created by the American glass artist, Dale Chiluly.


My iphone photo does not do justice, but the following link has some outstanding photos. Enjoy scrolling through the other photos of this wondrous place; the Chiluly shots are at the end. I zoomed in on one of them for my feature photo.




Aspirations – 16 for 2016

Resolutions are a tradition at the beginning of each new year. For some of us, these resolutions are abandoned nearly as soon as they are proposed. They are too far-reaching, too demanding, too unmanageable, or just plain impossible. It seems that lately however, lots of folks have a new perspective. Rather than definite resolutions, they are focusing on aspirations or goals. Cathy, of Nanacathydotcom, has made a list of her aspirations. For 2016, she has 16 items on her list. With her permission, I’ve stolen this idea, and the following is my version of 16 for 2016.

16 for 2016

16 yoga sessions and walks per month (that is 4 per week – 3 days off, easy!)

15 minutes of meditation daily (personal time of gratitude and reflection)

14 new vegetarian recipes attempted (how many versions of roasted veggies can I find?)

13 new books read (finished!)

12 lazy, do-nothing days (seems like a lot when it’s planned ahead!)

11 pieces of clothing completed for SWAP 2016 (better shake a leg)

10 pieces of cello music learned (lessons begin again soon)

9 sewing techniques learned (is making a muslin a “technique”?)

8 hours month volunteering (so many opportunities)

7 handmade gifts made (make-ahead for Christmas?)

6 outings with mama (every other month)

5 new cookbooks (ethnic, vegetarian, vintage …. )

4 seasonal deep clean and decorative nod (won’t it be nice to honor each season)

3 wedding outfits (MOB dress / mom, bride rehearsal dresses)

2 complete meals planned per week (not just last-minute “here, let’s have this”)

1 convert the empty room for my sewing/dressing room (this is a big one!)

0 excuses (self-explanatory)

Seem remotely doable? Good luck to all who are attempting any form of to-do list!!


Stitch on everyone; even John Lennon did it!