Social Media Caterpillar in the Sewing World

Well folks, I’ve been dipping ever-so-slowly into the world of social media, but I’ve not arrived at the butterfly stage just yet.

Facebook – check
Twitter – check
Instagram – check

Mastery of same – check, no check, no check. Curses.

Regarding Twitter [@jen_davismiller] and Instagram [ffynant], I’m still a caterpillar. So for those of you who have joined my sites, thank you, and my apologies for sporadic posts and unanswered (and unseen!) comments. I’m still working on it, and I’ve noticed something. It appears one has to use them regularly to learn them.

Did you see the light bulb moment coming? Learning anything is a little like mastering sewing, isn’t it? I’ve been hesitant with my sewing, in part because of reluctance to sew for my uncooperative waistline, and in part perhaps because of a reluctance to fail. But I must soldier on!

So I have begun two sewing projects;

What do you see in these swatches?

What can you see in these swatches?

they’re not garments but something simple, fun and guaranteed to give me a needed kick in the pants boost. I think you’ll like them.

And I’ll be posting them all throughout CyberVille! Surely my butterfly status is just around the corner.