Photo Challenge – Spring

This week’s topic is SPRING. Clues of springtime have been appearing for a few weeks now, but it’s a bit dreary lately, so I haven’t taken another spring shot. However, I noticed around the yard that we have received spring’s bounty in a different way.

Next door we have two very active little boys, and their sans-jackets playtime is a sure sign that spring has sprung. I gathered the various balls that have bounced over the fence in the last couple of weeks. You can just make out another one that is clinging to its own side of the fence. What you cannot see, is the tiny red shoot in the mulch that will soon be a beautiful peony!


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Sunday Sevens – Week 80

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to this week’s Sunday Sevens. If you’re unfamiliar with Sunday Sevens, hop on over to the lovely Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins and check it out. You might want to join in. It’s fun and couldn’t be easier as there are really no rules.


One big event happened this week: Meeting my daughters in New York City for wedding dress shopping! They came from California, I came from upstate and we met an old friend who had recently moved to Brooklyn. What a great 3 days we had; but it went so quickly.

We’ve arrived!

IMG_6405 (2)

Winding our way to the hotel, we passed the Empire State Building.

Here Comes the Bride


First up, a visit to the wedding salon. Here we are anxiously waiting for the bride to model her first gown. She tried on only three dresses, because number 3 was a winner! No pictures allowed. Suffice to say her sisters and I were all crying.

Art on the streetsIMG_6441

While on a walk, I was impressed by the random artistic patterns on this building. It wasn’t until we were very close that I determined the patterns were really open windows! It’s rather unusual to see open windows on a contemporary building, especially ones that open out from the bottom up.

World Trade Center


We visited the 911 Memorial at the World Trade Center. The new WTC is astonishingly beautiful, and the Memorial is a very moving experience.

In the Mood


On a narrow street in Manhattan, unassuming signage directs you to a side door, which takes you a drab entry, to a tiny elevator with a handsome operator in black suit and gloves, to this main display as you enter….Mood Fabrics!


I was reminded that I really would love a dressmaker’s dummy.


Stripes, anyone?


My youngest daughter has watched Project Runway for years, and she wanted to see the Mood mascot, Swatch. We saw portraits and photos of Swatch, we saw Swatch’s bed, we even noticed a Swatch fabric, but alas, no Swatch. We gave up. Then, as we exited the elevator on the ground floor, who should enter after us but the one and only? I was so startled I nearly missed him.



This might be cheating, as it happened today (Monday) while I was typing this post a day late. I’ve said it before, but must say it again – we have the best neighbors! My next door neighbor just discovered that hubby had been injured; she and her two little boys came over this afternoon with dinner! A cheesy pasta dish accompanied by a loaf of Italian bread and a giant pan of brownies covered thickly with chocolate.


We elected to abandon our original plan for burgers out and eat dinner at home. Yum!

That’s all for now, stitch on everyone! May this be a marvelous week for you.


Photo Challenge – Outline

The topic of this week’s photo challenge is OUTLINE. As the week progressed, I had no visual example of OUTLINE. My daughters and I were meeting in New York City on Wednesday for wedding dress shopping, and I hoped to find inspiration there.

The last day of our visit, my OUTLINE emerged. We visited the World Trade Center Memorial, admiring first one sculpture, then another. The pool memorials are particularly striking, with each bearing the names of the victims around the edges. The information is presented in two forms; the dates are raised letters, and the names are depressed, leaving behind the OUTLINE of each letter.

IMG_6493 (1)

It was an emotional visit to the memorial site, and how fortuitous to find my OUTLINE there!

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Sunday Sevens – Week 77, oops 78, oops 79!

Well hello everyone! It is time for a Sunday Sevens post, don’t you think? If you’re unfamiliar with Sunday Sevens, hop on over to the lovely Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins and check it out. You might want to join in. It’s fun and couldn’t be easier as there are really no rules.


Here is a little sampling of what’s been going on around these parts over the last three weeks.


Hubby took a tumble down the stairs and massively ruptured his quadricept tendon. Ouch! He is not impressed with the full leg/foot cast to keep his knee immobilized, and has at least two weeks to go before they will even consider a switching to a locking brace.


Not sure whether Frieda considers herself nurse or guard, but whatever her position, she is very important.


We discovered, quite by accident, that the box seats at the symphony are fabulous! After arranging for a handicapped spot for hubby, Mama and I proceeded to our assigned seats. An issue with his seat was resolved by sending the three of us to box seats which would accommodate his cast. His crutches rested comfortably on this marble shelf while his foot was placed on a box with pillow. We had an unimpeded view, and plenty of space all around. As good as it gets!


He had way too much fun scooting through the grocery store! Shouts of “wheeee”, and “beep, beep” entertained the other shoppers and store clerks.


Never one to be outdone, mama had to have a little cast of her own. After two days of pain with a very swollen finger (I call it Big Red), yesterday we spent nearly 4 hours at urgent care. Diagnosed with Tophaceous Arthritis, she was given a splint and referred to a rheumatologist. I’ll spare you the before picture and the details of procedure, as it could cause loss of lunch.


The temperature varies significantly from day to day, even hour to hour, so each new day is complete mystery. There are signs, however, of spring!


Fat robin on the roof.


Lots of shoots, and look, our first full blown, blooming flowers!



My favorite tree (does anyone know what it is?). This is the most gnarly, gangly, brown, unappealing mass in its dormancy. In a short time though, it will be a brilliant green and full of tiny white flowers (remnants of last year’s blooms still clinging on). Such a stark contrast, and I really do love how it wraps around the front porch.


Last stretch of country road before re-entering the city after dropping Mr LTSB at work. It will be a glorious drive as soon as the grass and trees are fully green.

Out and About

Cabin fever has been rampant here, as you might imagine. Last Friday, we had a little outing and lunch at Canandaigua Lake.



Rows of little houses built in the water off the pier. It was a dreary day, but the colorful “street side” of these cottages cheer things up.


Lovely pedestrian paths along the lake.

Walking the Neighborhood

And finally, we are out walking again! Taking of advantage of each warm(ish) day to get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine.


Lovely spring day for a walk around the neighborhood, the sky is blue again, and the sidewalks are busy with walkers, joggers, bikers and pups!

So that’s it then, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a most marvelous week ahead.

Photo Challenge – Solid

This week Photo Challenge prompt is “SOLID”.

A high school friend shared a post on social media with her comment, “Some solid advice…..” Link to video.

The post pertained to waste created by the garment and textile industries, particularly the “cheap clothing” market. It was a timely post for me, as I’ve recently begun sewing my clothing again, and the dark side of the clothing industry was one of the factors in this decision.

This photo depicts a SOLID mountain of textile waste.

Collected after making two newborn baby bibs, this pile of scraps is my latest unwitting contribution to textile waste. Just two tiny baby bibs! I promise to be a more thoughtful, less wasteful consumer.IMG_6376 (2)



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Empty sewing basket gone. Enter the sewing box.

In a recent post, I shared a picture of my temporary sewing basket…


On its own, this is a fine little basket, but with no lid, little space, no pockets, and holes, it is usually empty. The woven surfaces are quite rough and hazardous to fine fabrics, and those open spots allow small pins and other notions to sneak through.

Obviously, a genuine sewing box was in order. I wanted a small, tidy box for transporting project bits and bobs from room to room. Searching through craft and fabric stores resulted mainly in frustration; there was just nothing that took my fancy.

What to do?

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Photo Challenge – Extra

This week’s photo challenge prompt is EXTRA.

A common example of EXTRA is the Baker’s Dozen, which is a dozen plus one. Probably the most classic example comes from the baker himself, by including an extra doughnut with each order for a dozen.

My neighborhood bagel shop also uses the Baker’s Dozen for each dozen purchased. Now, this should be enough to make any bagel nut happy. But wait, there’s more! In addition to the EXTRA bagel with every dozen, a special card is available, which the clerk marks with each (baker’s) dozen purchased. After purchasing a dozen dozen, you get a free baker’s dozen! An EXTRA dozen plus one. That’s a lot of EXTRAS!

My local coffee shop offers a similar card, and after purchasing 18 bags of beans, you receive an EXTRA bag, free.

IMG_6296 (1)

How the baker’s dozen came to be:

The next time you get the gift of an extra doughnut added to your dozen, thank crooked 13th-century bakers for the bonus treat. In the 1260s, British breadmakers were notorious for shorting customers with skimpy loaves. King Henry III was so irked by the problem that he implemented a new law to standardize the weight of a loaf—selling puny loaves could result in beatings or jail time. Since bakers wanted to stay on the right side of the law, one common trick was to give 13 loaves to any customer buying a dozen. Even if the loaves were light, the extra would cover the shortfall. It was an easy fix for bakers, and since low-carb diets were still seven centuries away, customers rejoiced.