Let us eat … Tomato Soup Cake!

No sewing project to show you yet, although fabric and a different pattern (glitches, more on that next time) have been purchased and progress is underway!

In the meantime, you may remember my reference to Tomato Soup Cake, here, and you may have wondered what in the world it could be and why would anyone request it for every birthday. Is it red? No. Is it soupy? No again. But, it is absolutely delicious! And it couldn’t be easier.

Tomato Soup Cake
Tomato Soup Cake


Kate and Ali (wasn’t that an old tv show?) expressed interest, so I inquired and my sister-in-law assured me that the old family recipe is NOT a secret! So you are in luck, the recipe is yours for the taking.

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Stella’s new dress!

Sewing machine cover

Sewing machine cover

Finally, my sewing machine cover is complete, after a very slow beginning. I was hesitant to cut into the fabric (what if I cut a piece upside down), had to decide which pattern to use, worried whether my contrast pieces would work, and should I use interfacing or a lining? Once I dug in, it was a very simple project. Without logging the actual time worked, I think it took around 6 hours total.

Using instructions from two patterns, 1. here and 2. here, I ended up making my pattern, with a lining and one pocket.

How did it come out? I’d welcome your comments, yay or nay. I’m pleased overall, and it was nice to see that old fabric become something real, and oh my goodness, it was fun to sew again! The end pocket is roomy enough for scissors, rulers, etc or for holding the foot pedal when all is done for the day. The pattern is right side up on every piece. I really like the little border of red flannel at the bottom. Success! Oh, I found that a pin was clenched between my lips most of the time. Is that normal?

You’ll notice two black/gray stripey things to the right. That would be Frieda. She has to be in the middle of everything, every time.

One more question. Does anyone name their sewing machines? Obviously, mine is Stella.



At least we have cookies

Birthday Cookies

Nearly dropped them all

Birthday Cookies

Birthday Cookies

My sewing machine is still bare but the cover is nearly finished, I have only to finish the lining and get it all together. I’ve “tried it on” and it’s coming along nicely, in spite of distractions.

This evening, for example,  instead of sewing, I am baking oatmeal raisin cookies. My husband’s birthday is tomorrow and his party isn’t till Sunday, when his sister brings his favorite Tomato Soup Cake (it is good, really nice and spicy). In lieu of cake, I made cookies for him to take to work tomorrow.

Part of the reason for posting this little event is to show you my apron in action. You can see a tiny bit of it, maybe you can tell that it has a pasta theme. (You’ll find this apron in my line-up of favorites on my first post.) And if you are wondering about the odd composition of the picture, I very nearly tossed the lot onto the counter before the little oatmeal balls made it into the oven. They survived the selfie maneuvering, and are mighty tasty indeed!

If all goes well, cover will debut tomorrow.

Such busy days and the next project

Vogue 8950

Vogue 8950

My second project is in the works! Are you wondering what happened to the first project, the highly anticipated sewing machine cozy? It is in progress, but I think it’s always good to have a “next work” to look forward to, don’t you? So, taking the advice of the talented Sarah at Goodbye Valentino, I have selected Vogue 8950 to make an easy, breezy summer top. I’m planning to use a lightweight cotton voile or perhaps a knit with just a tad bit of stretch, and no contrast yoke. Any fabric ideas?

momkatiegradNow, just so you know, I have been very busy the last few days, but sewing was not on the agenda. What was on the agenda: enjoying an all-too-short visit from my beautiful daughter. She came to New York from California to help celebrate my new Bachelor Degree in Art History. Having her with me made a joyous occasion even more so! We rambled around my neck of the woods, and made a day trip to Niagara Falls in Canada. We all enjoyed it immensely, and my daughter was thrilled to discover so many wineries in the surrounding area. She was particularly excited to find Inniskillin, which makes a popular ice wine that her restaurant serves! The two of us had a nice bit of tasting, as my husband had driving detail. All in all, a most delightful 4 days.

About the aforementioned (isn’t that a grand word) machine cover. Progress had begun; fabric was gathered, machine measured, and pattern downloaded. However, it seemed a tad too plain. It needed to be lined, and a pocket or two would be nice. So I am now creating a pattern (yikes!), adding a pocket and a nice, soft flannel for the lining. The finished product will make its debut in my next post. Oh, the pressure!



Baby Steps…..

Jennifer Miller image. All rights reserved.

APRON COLLECTION Jennifer Miller image. All rights reserved.

Hi everyone, and welcome to Let the Sewing Begin!

In my “About Me” section, you’ll see that I’m returning to sewing after many years away. I have found tremendous inspiration and encouragement from creative bloggers with a passion for sewing, fashion, lifestyle, writing, etc. It’s my hope that I can also be an inspiration. (Oh, and that this little blog will help to keep me accountable!)

My plan is to create a wardrobe that is functional, fun, attractive and above all, well made. The site of a mismatched plaid makes me cringe. Don’t you agree?

So, to begin my quest I must have goals. One of them is to participate in sew-alongs and other offerings in the sewing community. Another is to make a coat of wonderful Welsh wool. However, after such a long hiatus making a coat seems daunting. Must take baby steps. What then, should my first project be?

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