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Hi there, I’m Jen….Jenny….Jennifer, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother. A few of my favorite things: family, our 1910 Craftsman home and two crazy cats, coffee (always coffee), sewing, writing, lilacs, and everything about my Welsh heritage. I’ve recently made some life changes – moving across the country, obtaining a BA in Art History – and sewing again after decades. It’s refreshing to see so many young people enjoying the art of sewing, and I notice that many of them are using vintage patterns and fabrics. I love this, but in my case, I’m hoping that creating a handmade wardrobe will help make this vintage girl look and feel more modern!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll come back to check on the progress and share your own creative experiences.

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you! After a little practice I’m sure the coat will be doable. I’m also hoping to participate in next year’s Me-Made-May, have you ever joined in? There are so many group sewing activities that look exciting!


  2. Hi Jen, I’m Janet from Melbourne, Australia. I found your blog from your comment on Sew Busy Lizzy. Congrats on your BA! Well done you 🙂 I am doing a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing and I am loving learning again and using my brain in creative ways, despite it being 45 years since I was at school! I sew too, but not much these days. I do however get a lot of pleasure out of reading sewing blogs and pinning lots of sewing ideas on Pinterest! I would love to hear more about your 1910 craftsman house…sounds interesting. I look forward to more of your posts.

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    • Hi Janet, thank you for such a lovely note. I know you’ll enjoy your return to school, it is so challenging at the later age and hugely rewarding. The sewing community here offers a wealth of information and I’m learning they are a group of truly kind and helpful people. And oh yes, I’m a pinner, too. Our home is such fun! I will post some photos now and then – we have quite a lot of work to do, and I’ll be doing up some curtains and a sofa blanket at some point. Thanks for your interest and good luck with your continuing education! 🙂


    • Hello, and it’s lovely to meet you, too! Thank you for the encouragement regarding photos – I take them all with my phone (and delete scads) so it’s always amazing when they turn out. I am indeed lucky to still my sweet mama, and cherish every visit with her.

      I’ve been around on your site, too, and am very impressed with what you’ve accomplished! The dart manipulation is fascinating, I need to find some classes around here….


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