Sunday Sevens – Week 84

Hello and welcome to Sunday Sevens on MonTuesday.

sunday-sevens-new-logoSunday Sevens, devised by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins, is a great way to share your week (or a couple of weeks…) by posting photos that don’t necessarily call for a whole post of their own. Check it out to see how you can join in.

Spring is springing!

IMG_6760In spite of some still chilly evenings, I do believe spring is finally here! Tender beginnings on the first front yard tree to bloom.


This is the one I’ve been waiting for so anxiously. You may remember its scary dormant state, a far cry from this brilliant green becoming fuller each day.

IMG_6744 (1)

And what in the world are these things? They look like some sort of alien landscape, and will be about 2 feet high in a few days. Not a fan.

Walking around the neighborhood


Clearest, bluest skies imaginable!


Does anyone recognize these? Mom picked one up, waved it at me, and chanted “Obbly obbly onker….my first conker!” Had I reacted properly, we’d have had a little conker (sword) fight on the curb.


Our City likes to jazz up the mundane. Here is a traffic signal all decked out.

Are you talking to me?


Unless it’s a call to dinner, Ms Freida prefers to be uninterrupted.

Lake Ontario shoreside


We took mom for a ride/walk out in the sunshine. This old place has been around since over 70 years, and hubby went there as a kid for “hots”, which is the local way of saying hot dogs. We sat outdoors at old picnic table and enjoyed a hot, for old time’s sake.

Ready for 5K


Nazareth College hosted a 5k run/walk for charity. We were walking for Gigi’s Playhouse, which is a soon-to-be-built facility for people with Down Syndrome. A worthy cause, a lot of fleet-footed runners and not-so-fleet-footed walkers, a gorgeous campus, and a glorious day!

New digs


Believe it or not, my new (temporary) sewing room is seeing some action! My machine was relocated from the dining table to a corner of the laundry room upstairs. It sits on one utility table, and two raised utility tables are cinched together for a cutting/folding table. Happy stitching to me.

Getting out the vote


Our polling place for the presidential primary is at a neighborhood elementary school. Since school was in session, there was an official door-opener, and she didn’t appreciate me taking a photo, so this was hastily snapped.


That’s all for today, gang. Hope your week is most marvelous!







14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 84

  1. I am disappointed you didn’t take up the ‘obbly obbly onker’ challenge – that would have made for a great photo!
    Your sewing space is sooo tidy and I like your coordinated sewing machine cover/basket and box 😉 However, I could never keep my cutting mat under the machine as I use it all the time and I would be forever heaving the machine off the top of it. Might be just a patchwork thing though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! I can just imagine the neighbors coming out in force with video cams to cheer us on. Alas, we had no string. 😉 You spotted my lovely box! I have a larger cutting mat atop the two tables (to cover the space where they come together). The mat will not stay under the machine however, because I worry about the heat. (It’s a better mat than the big one.)


    • Thank you! It’s a very well-kept town. Has the usual city problems, but they really work at making it nice. On another walk, I’ll snap some of the peacock benches and butterfly pole tops. There are no leaves yet, so I really can’t tell what the conker tree is, but probably either Liquidamber or Chestnut. I had to look up the Plane tree, and that doesn’t seem to match the bark. So many horticultural mysteries! 🙂


  2. Although I have my own sewing room at the top of the house, I also like to sew on the dining table as it feels more inclusive when everyone is at home. I sew upstairs when I’m home alone. Love the painted traffic light pole – reminds me of yarn bombing:)

    Liked by 1 person

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