Photo Challenge – Layer

The prompt for this week’s Photo Challenge is LAYER.

A strata came immediately to mind: something delicious and cheesy. But that would not be the only choice. “Strata…a LAYER of material, naturally or artificially formed, often one of number of parallel LAYERS one upon another…”

 Lo and behold, a naturally formed layered strata presented itself on a quick trip to the mall this morning.


The alternating sunny and gray skies offered these beautiful stratus clouds!


Thanks to the lovely creators of this challenge:

Cathy from Nanacathydotcom

Jane from Rainbowjunkiecorner

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

Sandra from Wild Daffodil



13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Layer

      • Hope you’ve got your daughter there with you today to celebrate & are having a delightfully Happy Mother’s Day! 💝
        Sorry to hear about your weather ~ sounds like ours, but more palatable temp (too hot & humid here for my taste).

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        • Sadly my children are all in California so I didn’t see them. But we were all in touch, so that helped. And the whole flippin bunch of us will be together for the wedding in October!
          And with you, I’ll take cool over heat and humidity any day, too. And we should be in the 70s by next week. 😀

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