Sunday Sevens – Week 77, oops 78, oops 79!

Well hello everyone! It is time for a Sunday Sevens post, don’t you think? If you’re unfamiliar with Sunday Sevens, hop on over to the lovely Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins and check it out. You might want to join in. It’s fun and couldn’t be easier as there are really no rules.


Here is a little sampling of what’s been going on around these parts over the last three weeks.


Hubby took a tumble down the stairs and massively ruptured his quadricept tendon. Ouch! He is not impressed with the full leg/foot cast to keep his knee immobilized, and has at least two weeks to go before they will even consider a switching to a locking brace.


Not sure whether Frieda considers herself nurse or guard, but whatever her position, she is very important.


We discovered, quite by accident, that the box seats at the symphony are fabulous! After arranging for a handicapped spot for hubby, Mama and I proceeded to our assigned seats. An issue with his seat was resolved by sending the three of us to box seats which would accommodate his cast. His crutches rested comfortably on this marble shelf while his foot was placed on a box with pillow. We had an unimpeded view, and plenty of space all around. As good as it gets!


He had way too much fun scooting through the grocery store! Shouts of “wheeee”, and “beep, beep” entertained the other shoppers and store clerks.


Never one to be outdone, mama had to have a little cast of her own. After two days of pain with a very swollen finger (I call it Big Red), yesterday we spent nearly 4 hours at urgent care. Diagnosed with Tophaceous Arthritis, she was given a splint and referred to a rheumatologist. I’ll spare you the before picture and the details of procedure, as it could cause loss of lunch.


The temperature varies significantly from day to day, even hour to hour, so each new day is complete mystery. There are signs, however, of spring!


Fat robin on the roof.


Lots of shoots, and look, our first full blown, blooming flowers!



My favorite tree (does anyone know what it is?). This is the most gnarly, gangly, brown, unappealing mass in its dormancy. In a short time though, it will be a brilliant green and full of tiny white flowers (remnants of last year’s blooms still clinging on). Such a stark contrast, and I really do love how it wraps around the front porch.


Last stretch of country road before re-entering the city after dropping Mr LTSB at work. It will be a glorious drive as soon as the grass and trees are fully green.

Out and About

Cabin fever has been rampant here, as you might imagine. Last Friday, we had a little outing and lunch at Canandaigua Lake.



Rows of little houses built in the water off the pier. It was a dreary day, but the colorful “street side” of these cottages cheer things up.


Lovely pedestrian paths along the lake.

Walking the Neighborhood

And finally, we are out walking again! Taking of advantage of each warm(ish) day to get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine.


Lovely spring day for a walk around the neighborhood, the sky is blue again, and the sidewalks are busy with walkers, joggers, bikers and pups!

So that’s it then, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a most marvelous week ahead.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 77, oops 78, oops 79!

  1. It sure would be nice if you could finish up one medical drama before the next one hits, wouldn’t it? Yikes! Hope everybody is mending (and not feeling TOO cranky). I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the spring!

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    • My patients are coming along. 😉 Mom’s gouty finger is a little better, the cast will just take time…and they are both handling their boo-boos pretty well. Fat pigeon! Love to watch them waddle around.


  2. Lovely photos around town, particularly those blossoms. Sorry I can’t help you out with whatever grows around your porch, but you might think historically, and ask someone from a local historical society. They might know someone who’s up on the historical plants used in your area. Glad to hear husband is getting out, but sorry to see mum’s finger is having problems. Hope your good weather continues & everyone mends quickly!

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    • Thanks Del. I hadn’t thought of the historical society, but there are loads of folks who’ve been in the neighborhood for many years, I’ll ask around. It’s pretty amusing to watch them compare their wounds. (It does seem there is a clear winner…)

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    • Thanks Sharon, and I think you’re right. I have another one under the kitchen window that is slightly different, and a contractor said that one might be hydrangea — I’ll bet they both are. They’re both really spectacular in bloom.


  3. What lovely pictures – that blue sky is gorgeous! and I loved seeing the little wooden houses on the waterfront!

    I injured my leg, ended up in a wheelchair for 8 weeks, it does have its up side! Hope hubby and you have a speedy recovery.

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    • Thanks! I thought those tiny houses were so cute and old fashioned.Oh, 8 weeks in a wheelchair seems like a great long time. But yes, we are discovering the up sides. (Even though I do hear some grumblings now and then.) 😉

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  4. Poor hubby and Mama! He does look like he’s still in good spirits though for now 🙂 It’s good to see that you’ve been able to get out & about though – the lake you visited looks beautiful. I’m not sure how I would feel living in a house on the lake though…I wonder if they move?!

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    • They’ve been pretty uncomfortable 😦 but both managing well in spite of it. The lake is lovely indeed, the Finger Lakes region is so delightful, but I’m with you….keep my abode on terra firma please!


  5. Oh dear – I hope it’s not too much extra work for you having your husband immobile. I know mine would milk the situation as much as he could! Some beautiful photos this week and a little glimpse of Spring is a lovely thing to see.

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  6. As June Christy sang…”spring can rally hang you up the most” ;D Hope you and your ‘patients’ aren’t hung up too long. What a treat to enjoy the symphony in box seats. No doing a’reel’ for St.Patrick’s Day to-morrow then,eh? Hope you’re taking a respite as well. Thanks for sharing the ‘walk-about’ the lake. Lovely. ~cheers

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    • Haha! No St. Patrick’s Day reel for any of us, although we did watch the parade on television because my brother-in-law was marching.
      Did get a bit of respite as I spent time with my daughters – left the invalids to their own devices and they did quite well!


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