Let us eat … Tomato Soup Cake!

No sewing project to show you yet, although fabric and a different pattern (glitches, more on that next time) have been purchased and progress is underway!

In the meantime, you may remember my reference to Tomato Soup Cake, here, and you may have wondered what in the world it could be and why would anyone request it for every birthday. Is it red? No. Is it soupy? No again. But, it is absolutely delicious! And it couldn’t be easier.

Tomato Soup Cake
Tomato Soup Cake


Kate and Ali (wasn’t that an old tv show?) expressed interest, so I inquired and my sister-in-law assured me that the old family recipe is NOT a secret! So you are in luck, the recipe is yours for the taking.

I hope you’ll try it; please let me know if you do and if you love it, too. Some of the relatives don’t care for raisins, but I think they’re just silly, raisins are the best. The family all prefer lemon frosting, even though the recipe also mentions cream cheese. I think a bit of lemon zest would be pretty sprinkled on top.

My apologies for the picture quality, there was just a teeny, tiny piece of this scrumptious Tomato Soup Cake left over for photographing, and yes my head was in the way. Enjoy!tomato soup cake2


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