At least we have cookies

Birthday Cookies

Nearly dropped them all

Birthday Cookies

Birthday Cookies

My sewing machine is still bare but the cover is nearly finished, I have only to finish the lining and get it all together. I’ve “tried it on” and it’s coming along nicely, in spite of distractions.

This evening, for example,  instead of sewing, I am baking oatmeal raisin cookies. My husband’s birthday is tomorrow and his party isn’t till Sunday, when his sister brings his favorite Tomato Soup Cake (it is good, really nice and spicy). In lieu of cake, I made cookies for him to take to work tomorrow.

Part of the reason for posting this little event is to show you my apron in action. You can see a tiny bit of it, maybe you can tell that it has a pasta theme. (You’ll find this apron in my line-up of favorites on my first post.) And if you are wondering about the odd composition of the picture, I very nearly tossed the lot onto the counter before the little oatmeal balls made it into the oven. They survived the selfie maneuvering, and are mighty tasty indeed!

If all goes well, cover will debut tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “At least we have cookies

  1. Phew! That could have been quite a dramatic selfie if they’d have slid off! I’m intrigued about the tomato soup cake?! I’ve never heard of it, but I used to make courgette muffins 😀


  2. Courgette muffins? Zucchini! They sound wonderful. I used to make zucchini bread, need to get a loaf going, it was so good. As to the cake… is an old recipe that my husband’s grandmother passed down. It is basically a spice cake that indeed contains a can of tomato soup! You can’t taste the soup, it just lends a bit of tart and color. Liberally frosted with lemon icing. Delicious!


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