We have fabric stash!

Timeless Treasures Fabrics - Rain

Timeless Treasures Fabrics – Rain

Fabric “stash” might be a bit overstated as it amounts to one meager piece, but it is fabric after all, and I’m not finished with my shopping just yet (I’ll be begging for your help with that later in this post). The fabric shops near me specialize in quilting, and mostly offer cotton choices, which is just what I need for ease of sewing and confidence building.

I found a lovely colorful one for the remake of my top; tiny rainbow raindrops cover a white ground so it should be nice on hot summer days. And it should be a much better version than my first attempt, seen from a safe distance here.

pattern and fabric

pattern and fabric


Is anyone familiar with Timeless Treasures Fabrics of SoHo, LLC? I was not, but I’m quite pleased with it, very soft and pliable, not at all “shifty”. I’m making View B this time, with short sleeves and a notched neckline. Might look a little more tailored. Oh, any what do you think about a long skirt (not full) or pants (too advanced?) to go with? Any ideas? Stretch? Not stretch? Long? Not so long? My knees don’t do well on display…..


Oh, one more little tidbit. My dear hubby picked up a library discard for me (he works at a library and has easy access to all the good give-aways) – the Singer Sewing Book (1972), sans dust cover. And this morning I checked out the Colette Sewing Handbook so I can decide whether or not to buy it. Well, of course, I’m going to buy it, and then my personal sewing library will consist of TWO volumes. We are moving on up, folks, isn’t it grand!

My enviable sewing library

My enviable sewing library

Oddly enough, I actually have 2 tall bookshelves for use in what will eventually be my sewing room, so methinks more books will be necessary. Any ideas? Vintage sewing books? Contemporary sewing books? Books you refer to over and over? Books that you can’t do without? Books that are just plain beautiful?



Thanks everyone, and happy sewing!



18 thoughts on “We have fabric stash!

  1. Sorry not advanced enough in dress making to recommend books. But I love a good reference book. The Singer Book of sewing sounds a great find. I wonder how different it will be from modern books?


    • I’m curious about the comparison, too. Starting with Colette because it’s smaller, and a workbook (patterns removed from library copy), but I am quite sure the basic techniques will be very similar, maybe some updates for today’s machines? The Singer may be a little more comprehensive. Lots of great sketch drawings, and even a section on bridal. And a page on bound buttonholes…I loved to make them!

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  2. Your fabric looks and sounds lovely–should be so much easier to work with! Skirts (depending on the details, and the devil therein) are often quick and easy makes, so would be a great next project. You could do one with a few pleats and a waistband and add a few new skills to your repertoire or go super easy and do an elastic waist. I find pleats easier to do than a gathered waist, but others may disagree. Pajama pants are very easy to make and again, you can do an elastic waist on them, but fitted pants are pretty challenging to fit. You might want to wait on that project. 😉


    • Thanks, it washed up very nicely and is ready for cutting. I quite like pleats (gathers not so flattering on some of us) and made something pleated years ago. But would it be too full to wear with a tunic? (I’m not tall. Or slender.) I do think something straight-ish might be ok. PJ’s are on my list. And yes, I believe pants will be down the road just a bit! And probably will start with a more simple pair than Ginger Jeans! haha

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  3. My favourite book (I don’t have a lot!) is this years GBSB book which has lots of patterns which I want to make and also useful tips like doing a full bust adjustment.
    PS live your fabric 😃


  4. I really like this fabric and I think the blouse pattern you chose should be a good one. PJ bottoms are a good choice actually. I make most of mine and they are simple and really nice to wear – just choose a very soft and lightweight fabric like a cotton lawn. I think skirts are actually the most satisfying thing to make in wool or linen (for winter or summer). In terms of books to be honest everything is available free on the internet now. My favourite book is the Readers Digest book of sewing and I agree the GBSB book with patterns is pretty good too. I would certainly buy or aquire any vintage sewing books. They are interesting and have nice pictures, and as you say the techniques haven’t changed much.

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    • You know, I thought about that – everything being on the internet. And you can print out just the pages you need! But I do love good old-fashioned books. Just to feel and turn the pages…..
      I love the idea of pj’s, there are so many fun fabrics that you would feel pretty silly wearing out and about but are perfect for lounging!

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