Sunday Sevens – Week 46 – 2 for me — The Mash-Up

Hopefully no one was paying too close attention when I missed last Sunday. We’ve had guests (fun times) and worked around the old house (work times) so I didn’t write much, and apparently everyone took photos but me. However, I do have a few random shots from around the house over the last couple of weeks.

I’m calling today’s Sunday Sevens a mash-up. Doesn’t that make me sound so modern and hip?

Here they are, in no particular order…


When my friend Kay was visiting from Las Vegas, one of our excursions was to the Corn Hill Festival. She bought me this Arts and Crafts inspired tile trivet as a memento, which is perfect in our kitchen.



I have fancy new toes – and what better place to model them than on the back porch in the rain?



And I’ve been trying to stick to a walking routine….here is the gorgeous rock entry to a neighbor’s front walk.



Speaking of gardens (who was speaking of gardens?), my planted-too-late sunflowers never took hold, but we have these Echinacea.



And I don’t know what these are, but the bees just love them. Can you spot one?



Lilies at our old house, need to plant some at the new house for next year.



And who doesn’t love babies? Look at this little guy (about 1-1/2 inches) who was just hopping around at the old house.

 Next week for me – fabric shopping, hooray!

Happy Sunday everyone, hope your week brings nothing but goodness.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 46 – 2 for me — The Mash-Up

  1. Gorgeous photos! Love the toes and great to hear that you have been enjoying the walking. BTW I was honoured that you mentioned me in a previous post. I hope that you will not be disappointed or perturbed but I don’t usually participate in the blog awards. I did in the early stages of blogging and it was fun…please nominate another blogger.


    • Hi Leslie. Thanks for the nice comment. And oh, how much I have to learn! I actually didn’t nominate anyone because most everyone had already received an award (or several) so I just didn’t know who to choose; I wonder if that was poor form? You and Sarah were so helpful before I even started blogging (or sewing) that it seemed appropriate to mention you by name. Hope you have a fabulous week! 🙂


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