Sunday Sevens – Week 92 ( I think? )

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my latest version (and I’ve no idea what the real number is, let alone my own) of Sunday Sevens, invented by Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins. Check out the non-rules, and see if you’d like to join in.

It seems as if we’ve been housebound lately, but I do have some photos of short strolls and wanderings around the house and environs.

Feline Shenanigans

IMG_7071When one walks up the stairs, this little kid stops in front and demands a back scratch.

IMG_7073Upon reaching the first turn landing, she then needs her belly rubbed.

Breaking Bread


My hubby is quite the bread maker…this lumpy darling is my first loaf. Yum!

Cleaning Up


Lots of bare patches to fill in after recent street work was completed. One day as I watered, this little fellow jumped in for a quick shower.

Kiddie Garden


The children work this garden in the elementary school around the corner.

Empty Room

IMG_7190Ah yes, more renovating. Much as I would love this to become my dedicated sewing/dressing room, I believe it will be the new master bedroom.

Wise Words


This sign at the zoo is a bit hidden, I feel it should be more prominently displayed.

Out for a stroll


All kinds of families enjoy a nice summer outing.

Have a most marvelous week everyone!






28 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 92 ( I think? )

  1. Yes, that kitty is cute, & clever to get tummy & back rubs that way. Oh, yum, cannot wait to see this bread recipe!!! More reno work?! Ah-h-h!!! Hope it goes as smoothly as the other project seemed to. (Just returned your email.😉) Hope you’re staying cool up there, and thank you for the lovely photos!

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  2. That would indeed make a lovely sewing room with the double aspect but a pretty good master bedroom too! Love the sash windows – I used to have them when I had a flat in an Edwardian house in the U.K.

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    • It will most likely be the bedroom (has a cool, curved door entry), but the current master is almost a mirror image minus the entry area, so either one will be perfect. I love the windows, too, they’re double hung, so can open top, bottom, or both! (Something so enticing about living in an Edwardian house in the UK…sigh)


    • Thank you! I think it’s great that the little ones are being introduced to gardening, hopefully leads to lifetime of healthy eating habits. I’ll keep you posted (hehe) with the latest re-do around the house. 😉

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  3. What a lovely idea for the kids to learn how to grow their own food at a young age. More renovation work so soon after the last lot? I don’t envy you the dust! Beautiful room, though, those windows are superb:)

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    • Yes, I was so impressed by the garden! Fortunately, this is very minor – mostly paint. But of course being an old house, we must undo the crappy work done years ago…a bit of re-plastering, then we can paint! 🙂

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  4. Love your cat. My Hicks just bowls you out the way in his enthusiasm to stay with you. The room is going to be beautiful. Think you should stage a coup and claim it as your sewing room 😉 Interesting slogan and, although I heartily agree, I wonder how easy it is to know the true long term impact of may of our decisions.

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    • I would love that be my sewing room, but hubby feels it is a tad more “masterly” (you’ll see the photos as we progress) and I might be ready to give in. Maybe.
      It really struck a chord with me….my stepdad used to rant about what we were doing to the earth, and how to protect it for his grandchildren. This was back in the 60s and 70s. Seven generations? That would be difficult to monitor for sure – but worth a shot! 😀
      Hi to Mr. Hicks!

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      • The room is a hard one, it seems selfish not to have it as a joint room, but bedrooms are so often underused, a sewing room would see it much more appreciated, but only by you. I know I would end up sharing it as a master bedroom if I were in your shoes.

        I definitely think the 7 generations is great for ecological matters. I guess I was also thinking how many things even my grandparents generation created or fought for, just two generations ago, have been undone or used in a negative manner. Mr Hicks says Hi.

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  5. I am very behind, but your lovely week has spurred me on to catch up more. If I were you I’d settle for a tiny bedroom and have that amazing room as a sewing room! It’s stunning!! 😃😃😃

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    • As the preparations for painting get underway, I’ve made that decision also. I like the other side of the house better, but this room has a unique feature that really does make it more “masterly”. You’ll see as time goes on. (And happy to report, my sewing room will be perfect — the pressure will be on to make it super productive!)

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