Sunday Sevens – Week 6 for me

Hi everyone, here is this week’s Sunday Sevens, a little ode to randomness that doesn’t merit a whole post. For info about Sunday Sevens, please pop in to see the creator, Natalie, over at Threads & Bobbins. There are no real rules, just sharing of seven(ish) pictures. It’s easy and fun, won’t you join us?



So, here is my sampling from a not-very-active week.


1. The mail came early Saturday morning….the usual blah, blah, blah…except for one little package. It came from England! It came from Ali, of Thimberlina! I was one the six lucky winners of her Gadget Envy Giveaway.wk6_goodies_IMG_46022. This little batch of swatch buddies should help to keep my new sewing habit tidy and organized. I was happy to receive this goody bag along with a sweet handwritten note from Ali. Thank you!



3. It’s not be too legible, but the label calls this a Fabric Storage Bin – they are in medium or large, blue or purple. Found at the grocery store. They are quite nice and sturdy. Would a person who is serious about sewing buy a ready-made bin for fabric?



4. So how does one keep a fat little Buddha happy when driving through downtown in yucky midday traffic? Why, by listening to oldies on the radio, specifically Stray Cats, Rock This Town. The song came on, I was at a stop, and glancing up, this guy just made me smile.



5. The cutest little boys live next door, and the older one is turning 10. He told his parents that this birthday should be special, as he is reaching double digits. They gave him a ball that is taller than me, and certainly higher than the garden fence.



6. My older daughter became engaged! She did receive a real ring, and not a ring pop, but she is camera shy….so nada for now. All I know is that a spring wedding is being planned. Happy Days!


Stitch on, everyone!