Congratulations Ms Miller, you have a fine new … tunic!

Good news! My tunic at long last is complete (KwikSew 3870). And more good news. I’m actually rather pleased with it. Now considering this might be the most basic pattern in all patterndom, that may not be high praise, but compared to my first attempt (here), it’s a big improvement.

My expression here has less to do with the garment than it does with my camera/model capabilities. Imagine, if you can, this was the best pic of the lot.


Tunic No. 1 versus Tunic No. 2

My topstitching was not too straight the first go-round. If only I had checked into the goodies that came with my sewing machine. Such as this handy presser foot – the Bernina Edgestitch foot #10. What a marvelous discovery for Tunic No.2!

No 10 foot_IMG_4536

Too bad I discovered it after finishing the topstitching at the neckline, but thank goodness for a busy pattern and disappearing white thread. Also, the neckline is supposed to come to a point. Mine comes to a very special kind of point – rounded! Argh. Does anyone have any tips?


With no new adjustments, Tunic No.2 seems to fit a little better than No.1. It might be the higher neckline on this version, the other one just falls off my shoulders. The whole thing is much too long for my stumpy legs. Should probably nix the tunic idea for now and try a proper blouse next time. I do prefer the longer sleeves of Tunic No.1, but No.2 is very summery (summer is almost over actually, so my timing may not have been perfect).

While I may admit to poor seasonal timing, I refuse to be held completely accountable for any mistakes….how can one follow instructions when said instructions are so thoroughly hidden? Guard cat is a tad too committed.


So now what?

My next project is ready to go – pattern downloaded, fabric(s) purchased. It’s an apron, but not just any apron, and I hope it lives up to my expectations.

And after that, a skirt, and then pants! PANTS for Pete’s sake! I’ve had several suggestions, so think I’ll start with pj’s and then move on to a pair of real pants.

And somewhere along the way, I am planning to make a nice bag.

Is it ever acceptable to begin a sentence with “and”?

Some of my favorite bloggers have remarked lately on losing their sewing mojo (sew-jo?) and it seems that mine is finally ramping up. However, I sew at snail speed (slo-sew-jo?). Hopefully this little detail will improve with time and practice. Or perhaps I’ll just determine that my perfect pace is a leisurely one and embrace it!

Happy stitching everyone!