Just the top, ma’am…

This was supposed to be a post about a pajama/lounging outfit, but I’m so happy with the top, I couldn’t wait to show you.

Working on my #2017makenine, I hit a snag right from the outset. It seems all the materials I had on hand were of the stretchy variety, which I’ve never sewn, even back in the old days when I made most of my wardrobe. (oh wait, there was a pink textured polyester shorts & tank set – ack! I’d forgotten about that gem – wore it proudly, but  in retrospect, it was an absolute horror)

Anyway….I decided to  toile my first planned make, pajamas, sewing the top from the Simple Sew Shannon Collection, a pattern gifted to me by Ali of THIMBERLINA fame. I would be using a beautiful piece of Art Gallery stretch jersey, purchased at Akhaban in Chester, when I met Ali and her mum.


Thanks to all your good advice, see previous post, the neckline was stretched into submission and sewed to near perfection (although still a bit puckery).


I tried on the top again; the fit was right, but something was not right with the sleeves. Were they too long? Maybe. Too tight? Not really. They just weren’t right. So how did I resolve this issue? Ditch the cuffs! So, with sleeves hemmed without cuffs, the length is perfect and the top is great! I love this cheery fabric.  For my next version, I’ll most likely make wrist length, snuggly sleeves.

Truth be told, the sleeve hems are not perfectly done; I turned them under twice so they’re a tad thick. I wanted to do a better job on the hem, so I searched the internet for tutorials and tips for sewing knits without a serger/overlocker. It seemed rather hopeless, as all the examples looked so nice and mine looked so …. well, not nice.  So I procrastinated, and tidied my sewing area instead. Lo and behold, I found some hem tape! I made a couple of sample runs to get the desired width, and with the hem finally sewn, this top is finished!


Not the best hairdo for this picture, as it reveals that something is askew with the shoulder/neckline. The neckline isn’t so pointy when my shoulders are in a normal position, not up in a funny how-does-one-pose-for-a-selfie shot.

I love this happy little top so much, it might be allowed out in public after all.

Next up, to complete the outfit, my Hudson pants in a luscious black double knit. They just might have a little contrast trim in a familiar print.

Watch this space.


35 thoughts on “Just the top, ma’am…

  1. I love it too! A happy top with happy memories! You did a great job working with the stretch fabric, it can be more challenging without an overlocker. Have you got the triple stitch or the lightening bolt stitch on your machine? They’re great for knits, but a demon to unpick, I usually end up chopping bits off rather than unpicking. Looking forward to seeing your Hudson pants too xx

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    • Thanks Ali! It IS a happy top, and the memories will always make it even more special. I think I’ve both of those stitches on my machine, just went with zigzag and not sure why. Which do you prefer of the triple or lightening? Oh, the unpicking would be brutal, no doubt. Hopefully I can work a little more steadily on the Hudsons. 😉

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      • I tend to just have a go with both testing to see which suits the fabric best. For hemming thought the triple stitch looks better, and I use that stitch sometimes for topstitching on thicker woven fabrics and it looks like you’re using a thicker topstitching thread. 🙂

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  2. Great knit top! My, those sleeves are a lot shorter than I was picturing. Considering your weather, definitely get that long sleeve version started, too! When I’ve done summer sleep tops & bottoms, I definitely will wear at least the tops out sometimes. Would wear the bottoms, too, if they weren’t shorts … not doin’ that to the public! Great job!!!

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  3. You don’t need an over locker but a twin needle is a handy tool to get great looking hems. I’m a huge fan of Art Gallery knits as the quality is top notch and it washes so well. This top is fab and I LOVE your choice of fabric design!

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  4. Oh this looks great.
    Some times when hemming knits I just turn it under once and then stitch it with my double needle trying to catch the edge of the fabric under the zig zag created by the bobbin thread on the under side. It works if you don’t inspect it very closely 🙂

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