We’ve had MAN FLU around here…

Curses. My sewing has fallen off the shelf. Or more to the point, my photographing has fallen off the shelf. Hubby has been down with a severe cold (fever and bronchitis) for several days and now that he is very nearly recovered, I’ve succumbed. However, with only a low fever and no bronchitis for me, I expect to be up and around in a day or so.

The first day of his affliction, hubby found this video and shared it with me. And I’m passing it along to you, as anyone who’s had a sick man around the house can probably relate. Enjoy!

A real sewing post with pictures to come tomorrow or the next day.

Stitch on and stay healthy, everyone!

25 thoughts on “We’ve had MAN FLU around here…

  1. Love Nick Frost – this gave me a good laugh just before I went to bed last night but Mr. T. wasn’t quite as amused as he was complaining of a bad back and thought I was have a bit of a dig.
    I especially liked the paramedics and the man with ‘a hurty knee’. 🙂

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    • Hehe, I thought it was pretty great. And how funny that it was himself (in his weakened state) who sent it to me. My favorite bit was the “poor little bunny”. I said it with glee so many times, perhaps it was karma that smote me!


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