Sewing along, singing a song……

Sewing is happening here, and the following is a little progress report. A little report on a little bit of progress. But, even small progress is progress, right? And I may or may not be singing along, and there just may be a curse now and again.

I’m excited to be working toward my #2017makenine goal, see post here. I’m combining four elements of my plan to create my first make; pajamas, tee shirt, pants and some fun printed knit fabric. The knit fabric was destined to be pjs – but I was unsettled on the pattern, and apprehensive about sewing with knits. On the advice of dear Ali, I’m using the printed fabric to make a muslin of my Shannon tee pattern. This will be the new pj’s top. I’ve purchased a solid black double knit for a muslin of the Hudson pant, which will be the pj’s bottom. Very soon I’ll have a great pair of comfy pj’s (or lounging about outfit), and know that two of my new pieces will fit! (Not certain where the jams will fit into the original plan……..perhaps they will be Number 10!)


How is it going? Well, the top fits! I’ve added 5 inches to the sleeves, and the sleeve bands are just right. The neckband? Not so perfect. I believe there is nearly an inch of extra fabric around the neckline than on the band. Good thing I elected to use the same fabric to make the bands instead of the black, as it has far less stretch.


After doing a little research, I tried steaming the neckline to shrink it, and that didn’t work. So as I see it, these are my options; stretch the band to fit the neckline, attach it as is and try to smooth out any gathers or bunches, or recut the neckband to fit (there is plenty of leftover fabric). Any advice?

Hoping to finish the top (a super simple pattern, that should have taken about an hour to sew) and cut out the pants this afternoon, if all goes as planned.

Stitch on, everyone!

23 thoughts on “Sewing along, singing a song……

  1. Jen, it’s correct so far. Will go searching for something to explain what you do next, as it’s taking too long for me to write/explain. Or call me and I can explain. You’re just about finished, so do not despair!!!

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  2. I’d recut, as the stretching, even eased over the while neck is going to drive you crazy and may not look right when you finish. Re-cutting will be less time and less frustration! Also it will allow more singing and less cursing. =) I like your plan, though, and this will be great!

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  3. I’m in the stretching camp. If it is possible I think you should do as Del says and divide into quarters then stretch the band to fit in between. This should then give you a non-gaping neckline.

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    • I think you stretchers are right. I’ll adjust the arrangement so there is even gapping all around and see how it goes. Fingers crossed. (very difficult to sew with crossed fingers, but what can ya do….)


  4. Hi Jen! That fabrics just too cute and makes me smile Shen I see it. It sounds like you’ve got it sorted, but tbh I’d never heard of the quarter method til a couple of days ago when Lucy from Sew Essential posted a video on their FB page. I’ve found it here, and it makes it really clear. I’ll definitely be doing it this way myself in future. 😀

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  5. The neckband will pull the neckline in – the body neckline will be unstable and grow easily without it. You have some great advice here I’m sure you can do it. Browse you tube there’s some great advice out there and you can always make a practice piece first.

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