No resolutions, just a plan – #2017MakeNine

Through Rochelle’s blog, LuckyLucille, I learned about the #2017MakeNine. Since I’m not “doing resolutions” for 2017, but want to ramp up my sewing and need some accountability, I’ve decided to join the MakeNine group.

So in no particular order, these are my chosen patterns.

  • The True Bias Hudson Pant – because it seems like a fairly easy make, and looks so comfy! This will be my first pair of pants to make since 1970. Those were green/beige plaid wool lined with something slinky. Oh and they may have had cuffs. Yikes.



  • Grainline Morris – because I’m possibly the only person alive who hasn’t made one and it will go with nearly anything! Perhaps in a lightweight wool? My last jacket was a close-fitting floral blazer in hideous shades of red and blue, if memory serves. And giant buttons.



  • Simplicity 2208, Version C in fleece – because it has a hood, and great lines. It will be a great cozy jacket for those days when the big, puffy down coat isn’t necessary. I might even match the pattern photo, if I can find dotted fleece.



  • Merchant & Mills Ellie and Hattie dress – because it looks terribly comfy, has nice, roomy pockets, and look at those interesting darts with contrast thread! Do you think this could this work in a knit?



  • Sewaholic Patterns, Gabriola Skirt – because of the pretty yoke detail, and the long lines. Will likely made up in the white polyester I received from Carmen, my StitchingSanta.



  • Grainline Linden – because it’s a sweatshirt, which is perfect for fall, winter, and spring around here. And that comfort factor again.



And these patterns have fabric purchased already, set to cut out and go!

  • I bought loads of this cotton jersey at Abakhan in Chester, and it seems perfect for jammies. On the fence, though, about the pattern, which I bought for $1 at a Joanne’s super sale.



  • The same Abakhan shopping trip resulted in this oh-so-soft gray jersey, which I’ll use to make up this tee shirt pattern, a gift from Ali. Can the sleeves be lengthened without spoiling the look?



  • And last but not least, this pussy bow blouse (also from Ali) will be made up from this fabulous polyester print (gifted from Del, Curls n Skirls).



It’s a good plan, wouldn’t you agree?  Mostly simple and comfortable, and I’m ready to sew!!

Stitch on in the New Year everyone!

51 thoughts on “No resolutions, just a plan – #2017MakeNine

  1. Am digging the Gabriola skirt. And the fleece, very nice also. Can’t wait to see your versions of these. I’m working on kitchen aprons–won’t use them in the garden this time. Some stains just don’t come out 😀 !!

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  2. Good choices. I have several of these on my list too. I have a beautiful Liberty loop backed jersey knit for the Morris and I am very nervous about it. It was on sale but even so was quite expensive. The Gabriela skirt is lovely too. I have the pussy bow dress pattern which I think will be gorgeous. The Merchant and Mills patterns are always so comfortable looking – my husband hates them but I love them! You are going to have fun with this little lot. Take your time and enjoy the process.

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    • Thank you! That’s a funny comment about the Merchant and Mills. I suspect lots of husbands (mine included) wouldn’t be too impressed. But I love comfort (and have no waistline) so I’m going for it! And the darts are so clever. It does seem a bit daunting for me, but I’ll just take a deep breath and carry on. Slowly. And enjoying it. 🙂


  3. Hi Jen, loving reading what youve got planned! I’ve got a few ideas……
    How about using the Hudson pants pattern for your jammy bottoms – I made some for H but shorts in a jersey and he loved them for bed. Then you could use the fabric too for a practice lengthened sleeve version of the simple sew top?
    Not sure about a a jersey working for the merchant and mills, it would have to be really stable, and maybe the darts would look as good. It’d look fab and be cool too in a linen. If you wanted something similar for a jersey how about the Colette monetta?
    Love all of the other patterns and fabric too, especially the fabric for the pussy bow blouse from Del.
    Busy times ahead…..have fun and happy new year!! 😘

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  4. The Grainline Linden is one of my favourite casual tops – I made it in stripes which I even managed to match (mostly) on the raglan sleeves . Unfortunately, I made it in less than top quality fabric so it’s getting a bit bobbly now – next time……..
    Not keen on the Merchant & Mills dress myself – but I imagine it would be very comfy.
    I love the skirt – a beautiful shape – you will definitely make a statement this spring/summer if you make it in white.

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    • Stripes would be perfect for the Linden. Matching at the sleeve must have been tricky. Oh I think the M&M will be fabulously comfortable! (It has no waistline, nor do I) Fingers crossed I can get up to speed with my sewing fingers and get these all made…

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  5. I love the darts on the merchant and mills dress as well – I have always thought that loose dresses don’t suit me but I am really tempted to try and make some this year (possibly its that or get on with the new year diet…)


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    • Hi Louise, loose dresses can also be very frumpy, so I went back and forth on this….in the end, comfort won. Try one, I’d be curious to see if you like it. ( As for diets? Oh, they are not fun, but I’m trying to stick to one. Sort of. 😉 )


  6. You have created a flexible wardrobe with these plans Jen.

    I bought a dress (charity shop buy) from Levi very similar to the M & M dress. I feel like it is industrial wear – suitable for a paint shop or stacking warehouse shelves. It is also fairly unpleasant to wear as it lacks softness and I get a draft up my sleeves! I find myself seeking the comfort factor more and more!

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    • Thanks Kate. (Somehow you ended up in my “needs approval” pile!) Your sad dress story gives me something to think about. As I don’t intend any industrial use for my dress (paint shop indeed! haha), I think fabric selection will be terribly important. It will need to be soft – definitely not a denim. Or khaki. I’ve decided on linen, wrinkles and all. Or a nice linen blend. I’m trying to not be so frumpy, so this will be challenging! More sit-ups come to mind…..ugh. Stay tuned. 😉


  7. Great plans – and I’m another that hasn’t made a Morris 😉
    I think you are going to be very busy. I agree with the herd that M&M will need a stable fabric to look as structured – and wouldn’t look as good ‘soft’.
    Have fun!

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    • Thank you! I’m so confused about the M and M. Thinking I can raise the waistline a bit so the gathers hit above the hip, and making fewer of them. I was hoping softer fabric would be flowy rather than stiff and bunchy? Do you feel that linen is not stable enough? I think something stiff like denim will make me look like so very w i d e.


  8. Ooh I love plans (and planning). I always find that once I start my ideas evolve, but usually in better ways than expected. The starting is the hardest part for me. You have some nice items here. Have fun!

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