Photo Challenge – Ceiling

The 2017 One-a-Week Photo Challenge is sponsored by Cathy from Nanacathydotcom and Sandra from Wild Daffodil.

The new challenge begins with the prompt: CEILING.

One of our favorite haunts is the Eastman Theatre, home of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the host for many other events. And in the theatre, one of our favorite spots is the lobby, where hanging from the CEILING is this breathtaking sculpture. This piece was created by the American glass artist, Dale Chiluly.


My iphone photo does not do justice, but the following link has some outstanding photos. Enjoy scrolling through the other photos of this wondrous place; the Chiluly shots are at the end. I zoomed in on one of them for my feature photo.




25 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Ceiling

  1. Okay, I went to look at the photos on that linked site. The theater is a fascinating building, but I think your photo of the light is far better than theirs. =)

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  2. That is STUNNING! A perfect entry for the challenge! There was a sculpture like that in the entrance hall in Tate Britain about 8 years ago. I wonder if I have any photos – I’m going to look ans see. It really is wonderful. Thank you!!!

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  3. Great photo, Jen ~ I love Chiluly ~ many thanks!
    How’s your snow up there? We’re due some tonight/tomorrow, depending on where the warm & cold fronts meet up. No one knows for sure & Mum Nature ain’t sayin’.

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    • Glad you like it….his work is just amazing. We’ve had some snow, but not too much yet. It is COLD though! I saw that you’re expecting a pretty substantial storm today…..batten down, lady! Haha – Mum Nature. She can be so mysterious. And checking the weather every 10 minutes can produce a different forecast! 😉

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