Sunday Sevens or How I Spent my Summer Vacation, Part 2. (Redux)

Ooops. Minor malfunction while editing this post; somehow I managed to get it published while still writing. Thankfully I also managed to delete the unfinished content, but that left you all with an empty headline. If at first you don’t succeed…


As promised, here is the second, and final, installment of my recent travels. I’ll try to be concise, but as you may know, I’ve a tendency to ramble. So my apologies in advance if my narrative gets too involved, and too full of pictures.

After a brief period at home after our trip to see family in Wales, we embarked yet again for far-off places. This time we stayed stateside, flying across the country to California to visit family and friends, old haunts, famous landmarks, and celebrate two weddings – my daughter’s and my sister’s!

Beach Wedding

My daughter’s wedding was on the central coast, and we spent a wonderful week there. Our home away from home was a mobile home in a spotlessly tidy mobile community in Pismo Beach. It was the perfect size for us, steps from the beach, even fewer steps to a golf course, and a few minutes drive from the wedding venue and my daughter’s home.The little home was clean and comfortable, with one notable exception – the ceramic fairy in our bathroom. She was about 12 inches high, crouched in a corner, with eyes that followed you! Creepy. I threw a towel over her post haste and she remained covered until we left.

During our stay, we did a little shopping, sampled lovely beach eateries and coffee shops, walked to the shore, took mom to sit near the water, walked around the mobile home community and explored the neighboring communities.


My step-grandmother lived in a mobile home (it was pink and black!) when I was a youngster. In spite of many attempts over the years, this was first time I’ve been able to find her neighborhood, still watched over by this grand old Victorian (now badly in need of some paint).


Mama liked meandering through the mobile home park. We’d sit at the end with coffee and wave at the homeowners and/or vacationers, then head back to our own little spot.


Oh yes, hubby and I did walk on the beach at sunset.

Leading up to the wedding, daughters and I did some last-minute shopping, had a nice lunch, picked up the wedding dress from the tailor (first real tears of the visit),  and stopped for a little lunch out and about. Youngest daughter arrived to assist, and on Friday the festivities were underway. First came the rehearsal, held at the outdoor location with the most incredible views, crisp, clear, blue ocean, brilliant blue sunny skies. This was followed by the rehearsal dinner, where we enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the head chef, a long time friend of the bride and groom. Only one more sleep now.

The morning of the wedding broke cloudy, rainy and cold. But we were up early, scurrying to dress and get prettied up. Fortunately I had lots of help in this endeavor, as I was having hair and makeup done with my daughter and all her bridesmaids in the resort’s bridal suite. Such exquisite pampering. And such silly girls to hang out with. A mother’s dream, to be certain.


Mom and daughters.


All made up and coiffed, with somewhere very special to go!

It’s worth mentioning that Saturday was the one rainy day of the entire week! The staff hustled to get the chairs set up in the ballroom arranged for the reception. Not as spectacular as outside perhaps, but done to perfection on a moment’s notice. It was a touching and sometimes funny ceremony; tears of joy on my face and my beautiful daughters’ faces. The reception followed, full of great fun, family, children, grandchildren, lots of old friends, fabulous food, beautiful cake, elated newlyweds, great music and dancing.


And you know how it’s always that one song that gets everyone dancing? Well, in this case it was “Thriller“, requested and dedicated to me by my hubby for my upcoming birthday. Nice touch, eh?


The wedding could not have been more lovely, and after a long, busy day the happy couple returned to their home nearby, as the honeymoon in Hawaii will not be happening until Spring.

City Wedding

So, with the first wedding accomplished, and happiness in abundance, we took our leave and drove north to Sacramento for the next week. Along the way is San Simeon, home to famous Hearst Castle. We didn’t visit the castle, but amongst the horses and cows, we spied these interesting beasts roaming the property along the highway.


Upon arriving in Sacramento, we plopped our belongings at our dear friend’s home where she had dinner waiting for us. The next day, hubby and I took off for a 2-day excursion on our own. We drove about 2-1/2 hours to the town of Groveland, where we would spend the night, and then drove on to our destination, Yosemite National Park.



We spent the majority of two days touring this remarkable place. Waterfalls, enormous redwood trees, massive rock formations, miles and miles of miles of forest and wildlife. I would highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in California. This second week was capped by my sister’s wedding, a small affair, held in an old mansion in downtown Sacramento, converted now to a bed and breakfast, with lovely event facilities. The immediate family members and close friends entered the courtyard to the soft sounds of flute and harp. The ceremony was short and sweet, and quite moving. My sister was a radiant and happy bride, with her groom beaming from ear to ear. The following luncheon was exquisite, with the ideal wine pairing for every course. So fancy!  After lunch, the happy couple exited the party, to be transported via limo to their hotel and then off to honeymoon in Hawaii.


The attendants were a 14-year old bridesmaid and 3-year old groomsman.


One happy bride! She’s not really a two-fisted drinker, one of these glasses was for me.


After beaches and forests and such, we returned home and had to settle for walks in the park. 😉


Hope you’ve all enjoyed my little wanderings. Next up: a Christmassy sewing post!


20 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens or How I Spent my Summer Vacation, Part 2. (Redux)

  1. Oh Jennifer, I’m thrilled to spend a few minutes reading your “ramble” and viewing your photos. Such a beautiful journey.Thanks you for sharing. (pssst,it’s actually good luck to have rain on wedding day)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Bride looks absolutely radiant ~ and so do you! What a beautiful day you had, despite the weather.
    I remember driving past Hearst Castle with my late Dad when we took him on his Big American Adventure way, way back now.
    p.s. I think we all have one of those blank posts lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Deb. I love that you gave your dad a Big American Adventure! Oh, that might be an interesting blog post…..I’d love to hear where your journey took you. 😉
      Oh that premature post! I had some good tips from folks when it went live. (And thanks to Demented Fairy for helping finally getting the whole thing deleted.)


  3. Sounds like you had an amazing time Jen, I bet one of the highlights has got to be the girlie pampering with your daughter and her bridesmaids. Was worth waiting for after your teaser of a post! You’re outside looked perfect, did you add those sleeves? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Ali! The pampering was certainly a high point, complete with coffee, champagne, and pastries. You know, after all my worrying, once the dress was properly altered, my little lace jacket seemed to do the trick, so I just relaxed and went with it. Glad you liked it!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a wonderful time, and two weddings to enjoy – very nice! I’ve been to California but not to Yosemite, much as I’d love to. There wasn’t enough time to fit it all in. It’s on my list for my next visit, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a lovely, happy post on a Monday morning. You look lovely in your black dress and your daughter is obviously so happy and enjoying herself. I love your sister’s dress too – very classy (to go with the wine pairings). I am so happy everything worked out so well for you, my dear.

    I laughed about the evil fairy in the toilet. We often stay at funny places with weird ornaments, wobbly lamps, and bowls of pot pouree. I stick it all in the cupboard until we leave. I have even taken down net curtains in order to create a bit more light in the room.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Kate! The two events were strikingly different, and both so wonderful. My black dress worked out after all, and daughter was just so lovely and bubbling with happiness. Sister’s dress was amazing, simple and elegant – perfect for her., as she is tall and willowy (I don’t always like that about her…. 😉 ) and was just glowing.
      It certainly was a funny place and we did enjoy it, weird little doo-dads and clutter notwithstanding. Taking down curtains! Now that’s true customization and I love it!


  6. 2 weddings at once! You look lovely, and I really like that picture with your husband. Isn’t Yosemite amazing? I don’t think you can take a bad picture of that place!

    Liked by 1 person

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