Four Very Dangerous Words

“Did You Miss Me?”

An answer might be, “oh yes, of course!” or the scary one, “oh, were you away?”

My blogging (and sewing) activities have been severely neglected over the last few months, due to some of life’s little circumstances, and some very marvelous travels. The circumstances are at once wonderful and challenging, and the travels have been varied and filled with family love and celebrations.

Slowly but slowly, I’m getting back on the beam, and possible posts are in the works:

Our trip to Wales – during which time, of course, I met up with the fabulous Ali of THIMBERLINA,

Our trip to California – my beautiful daughter became a wife; one week later my sister did the same; hubby and I took a little trip within a trip. Such a whirlwind!

Our latest (and unexpected) construction project.

Jumping back into the 52-Week Photo Challenge and Sunday Sevens.

And projects! Holidays are coming right up, and I must be back at my sewing machine in short order!

But first, you’ve all been carrying on without me, so I’ve lots of catching up to do with all of your adventures.

See you in a few……



27 thoughts on “Four Very Dangerous Words

  1. Welcome back!
    Hope to see more photos from all your trips, including that black MOB outfit. Fingers crossed the unexpected construction project isn’t too detailed, and you’re soon caught up with mail, restocking pantry & fridge, and recovering from that long flight. And yes, then there are the hols… Hallowe’en is Monday & don’t forget the time changes Saturday night. Maybe if you just enjoy those leaves, the rest’ll fall into place… pun intended. 😉 xx

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  2. Yes I missed you but see you on IG. I remember those tedious events to see the slide show after the holidays. I usually fell asleep on the sofa as soon as the lights went down. Thankfully now even though photography is easier, it is also easier to edit or delete. Looking forward to your next set of pictures. And seeing some of the wedding shots.

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  3. Oh, now Jen, you know you were missed :D. Can’t wait to see the fab slides/photos. Construction project, Wales, Cali, and two weddings… oh my! Now,take a breath, get some rest. Only 8 weeks left until

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