Sunday Sevens – 8.28.16

Hi all, and welcome to today’s installation of Sunday Sevens, created by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins. It’s a loosely-ruled challenge: just choose 7 (or so) pictures from your week, and post them on Sunday (or any other day). Check out her site, and think about joining in.

In no order whatsoever, here are a few snippets of my week.

New toy


Some people are easily excited by the most mundane things. I must be among that group of people, because I’m unnaturally thrilled with my new salad spinner.

Painting continues


My contribution will be the window facings and baseboards, when all the “messy” stuff is finished and cleaned up. I got off easy, wouldn’t you say?

So pretty


Haven’t had a cloud shot in some time, so here is dandy one for you.



So, why would anyone be lining up their needles and photographing them? Perhaps because one’s glasses prescription is outdated and one cannot read the fine print on the needles, thereby being unable to determine which is the proper choice for a particularly fine fabric without enlarging the picture. I’ve heard that can happen to someone….

A new hamburger joint in town


We tried a new place, and we were quite pleased. These three stooges gentlemen were apparently happy customers, too. (We did not eat any one-pounders.)



One of my nearly new tires was slashed. I don’t know where, or when, or how, but it went nearly to the cord. Spent an afternoon getting a new one. Grrrrrrr.

Cutting out


Oh look, progress! The muslin is finished, and the real fabric is now cut out and ready for stitching up.

More to come


And look, some new cloth bits.

That’s it for now, everyone. Hope your upcoming week is outstanding!





18 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 8.28.16

  1. Yes, some lovely little things here! I have an unreasonable amount of fun with my salad spinner, too. 😉 So sorry about your tire, though. I’m glad you have all that lovely fabric to cheer you up (that paisley–OOOHH!)

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  2. Oh, yeah! for almost finishing a smock. It’s a smock, right? Will you be showing it when it’s finished? I like that other paisley fabric, nice! I once beat some guy to a parking spot in a mall, whereupon I found all four tires slashed when I finished shopping.

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  3. Your salad spinner looks grand ~ from whence? I loved mine in Chicago, but it didn’t fit in subsequent moves, so love that you’re enjoying one. Looks a nice burger bar, or do they have other delights? (Am thinking triple-thick double chocolate milk shake!) Am so sorry about your tire – agh! Hope you reported to authorities, in case they’re tracking. Oh, that blue fabric does look nice – yes, please, for an “afters” photo! Lovely clouds up there – mine didn’t do so well. Your room is beautiful! Please tell us paisley lovers where you found your lovely example, and is it cotton or knit or ?! xx

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    • Spinner was from none other than Target! It has a pushbutton, much fancier than the ones with a string that you pull like starting a teeny, tiny lawnmower. Oh the burger bar (called Cheeburger, Cheeburger – no “s” picture John Belushi) has a an ice cream counter, too….chocolate, vanilla, strawberry only but oodles of toppings! Oh good grief, I didn’t even think to report the tire, don’t know when or where it might have happened. Afters for sure (unless I botch it – fingers crossed). The paisley is from Joanne (!) and is what they call their Artisan fabric? or Designer fabric? It’s a lovely weight cotton. The blue is flannel. 😀

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      • Target? Will wonders never cease! Looks like the one I had from Bed Bath & Beyond. (Never seen one with string – good heavens!)
        So glad the burger bar has ice cream. Basics are good!
        Will have to remember Artisan or Designer next time I’m at JoAnn’s.
        Thank you for all the deets!

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  4. I really like your photos and world view. I especially like the needle picture. I had a pair of round knitting needles the other day and had no idea what the size was – and then found it, very small, on the chord. Wow! My eyes really struggle whatever my glasses.

    In terms of a salad spinner, am I the only naughty one who buys salad in bags or clean from supermarkets?

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    • Oh me too, with the eyes….so many different levels of correction, sometimes it’s hard to find the “sweet spot”.
      I’ve been known to use the bagged salads. But I usually get the heads and chop ’em up!


  5. I’ve not seen a salad spinner for ages, though I’m sure cyber mum used to have one. Beats squashing the lettuce in a tea towel – not sure if you call them tea towels! Lovely clouds, not sure if they’ll be so dramatic here for you, I’ve forgotten what blue sky looks like! 🙂

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