Photo Challenge – Street

The topic of this week’s photo challenge is STREET. Going back through my photos to find an appropriate STREET (and one I’ve not already posted), produced some shots from our move from the West to the East Coast. We spent a night in Indiana, home to the University of Notre Dame. A more beautiful campus I cannot imagine.

Streets of all knowledge

The spirit here will change you

Road to mindfulness

Driving along through the hallowed halls and gardens to find just the right area to park.

Picture 264

We began our walk here.

Picture 300 No walk would be complete without visiting the stadium, and this statue of Knute Rockne.

Picture 289

Across from and overlooking the stadium is …. “Touchdown Jesus!”

Way too many photos to choose from, hope you enjoyed these few memories with me.


Thanks to the lovely ladies who created this challenge:

Cathy from Nanacathydotcom

Jane from Rainbowjunkiecorner

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

Sandra from Wild Daffodil

Linking up with Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge! This week’s prompts were MIND and CHANGE.


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