Photo Challenge – Strength

The prompt from this week’s Photo Challenge is STRENGTH.

As children, our parents are our strength. They love, support, and guide us through all of our trials and tribulations. The day may come however, when we must be their strength. Even though she is tiny and frail, my little mother soldiers on. As you can  see, there is quite an incline ahead, and mama is anxious to get to the top of it. This picture was taken several months ago and she’s had a debilitating fall since then. After weekly physical therapy sessions, she has decided today is the day to walk again toward that hill, in preparation for walking in the hills of Wales one more time next month!

IMG_6714 (2)Marching on
Kicking up more dust
Reward? PIE!

She is still my strength and my inspiration.


Thanks to the originators of the photo challenge:

Cathy from Nanacathydotcom

Jane from Rainbowjunkiecorner

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

Sandra from Wild Daffodil

Haiku for Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge! This week’s prompts were PIE and DUST.

32 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Strength

  1. Such an inspiring posting – thank you!
    I notice she’s got some fleece on. Is it THAT COOL up there?!
    Wait a sec – I’m booking my flight & hang the cost! 😉
    (Lovely, your voicemail was full last time I tried to call. Hope all’s well.) xxx

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    • Haha! No, fleece right now, it’s very warm still (although not in the 90s thank goodness); this pic was taken just before last spring. Mama’s thinner now (so thin) but working slowly on building up. Sorry about my meager voice mail capacity, will have to empty it again very soon!

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  2. Oh Wow! What a wonderful post – you have hit the jackpot with this one! Haiku and everything!!!!
    Are you and you Mum going to Wales?!/ Where? When? I’ll be in Solva, Pembrokeshire in September. Give your Mum a ‘cwtch’y hug from me! ❤
    Cymru am byth!

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    • Thank you Kate! It’s so difficult, isn’t it, watching these strong women become so frail? Breaks my heart a little each day, but like yours, my mom just keeps after it! We won’t be in London this time, sorry to say, but I just might be crossing the border for a little outing.


  4. Bless her! My mum has ‘succumbed’ and got herself one of those little trolley things to take out and about – she feels much more secure on her pins when she’s using it.
    Have a lovely time in Wales – my sister lives there – it has some absolutely beautiful scenery and I hope you get some good weather to enjoy it at its best.

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    • A trolley? Is that a motorized scooter? I don’t see that happening yet, but it might be much more fun. Mama is able to get about indoors without help, but very insecure outside.
      Your sister lives in Wales! Do you visit her often? It is so lovely, and we are counting the days now till we are there. Hoping for some sun, but well, it is Wales, after all. 😉


      • No, a trolley is something on wheels you push along – we call a supermarket cart a trolley, for instance. She has something that looks like the one your mum is using – it has a seat you can lift up and put your shopping in too in case you get halfway round and need a rest. I have only ever visited my sister once in Wales – my family is a bit too spread out to get them all done on one trip!

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        • Ha! Trolley is a much better name … guess what we call it here? A walker. So dreadfully uninventive. Sad when families spread out, but crazy fun when everyone does come together eventually!


  5. Your Mum is amazing and an inspiration to us all.
    I hope you will have good weather for Brecon in September ~ we haven’t had Summer at all and we are owed some good weather, hopefully we’ll get it in September?

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