Was it something I said?

sad_5320cd095bc761abaaadcadd3b57e94fOr something I didn’t say? Perhaps it’s my lack of real sewing posts, as this was designed to be a sewing blog, after all. Perhaps I’m not informative enough? Not witty enough? A little inactive lately? I must admit to creating few posts, and to making few comments on other posts in recent weeks. Life, you know…..

Whatever the reason, there is something odd happening with my WP administration. I’ve contacted support, and received an answer, but until I can get further clarification, or figure it for myself, I’m in limbo. For example, Linda of Nice Dress Thanks I Made It!, found me in her junk file! So if I typically comment on your posts, and if by any chance you’ve missed my witty repartee, please check to see if I’m in your junk file.

In the meantime, I’m working on a post (or two, or three), and hoping to sort this all out.

Happy blogging, and stitch on, everyone!



27 thoughts on “Was it something I said?

  1. Oh no!! I’ve just found 2 in my spam comments!! I’m behind with replying to my comments so to be honest I hadn’t noticed – but I would have when I get round to replying. I’ve unspammed you but will keep an eye out to make sure you don’t go back to that lonely place. And yes,,,, keep em coming and I’ll catch up with everything eventually xx

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  2. I can see your posts…it is nothing personal I think the issue is technical.
    I am having difficulty posting to the Google Blogger Feed…my posts show up if you go directly to my address or have chosen to have my posts emailed…I receive a lot of traffic directly from Blogger so it is disappointing and frustrating.
    Good luck getting your issue resolved.

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    • Thanks Nat! I’m sure it’s just a silly glitch that will be remedied. My own posts have not affected so far, it is just commenting. I tried to get caught up all at once, but noticed the problem early on. ha! that will teach me. 😉

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      • Remembered something else re ordering: If it’s your first, they send a coupon for a discount on your next order, if it’s within 2 weeks (as I recall). You might save that alpaca you richly deserve…
        T-storms last night & more today… tomorrow’s supposed to be lovely. Hope cold front slides in more easily up your way.
        Thanks again!

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  3. Hi Jen interestingly I’m having probs with Wordfeud. I thought it was internet connection but maybe not. I have lost two completed posts when I’ve hit the publish button and pics won’t down load easily and sometimes disappear, many general irritations.good luck

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    • Ah, modern technology….so wonderful, until it isn’t! Hehe. Yours is another “interesting” development, Barbara. Yikes! Here’s hoping we are all up and running smoothly again very soon.


  4. I can see your posts- although I’ve noticed they’re not as frequent – but that’s O.K., I can’t manage to post more than every couple of weeks myself. I have noticed you ‘liking’ more often than commenting lately but that’s O.K. too – life happens.

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    • Ah yes, sometimes all I’ve managed is the liking, with a promise to self to go back and comment. And yes, life has been in the way a bit lately, but it’s all good. The like button is a tad impersonal though, maybe it needs to be replaced with a great big hug!


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