Sunday Sevens – Week 81

Hi all, it’s that time again…Sunday Sevens, which is the invention of Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins, and keeps a few of us (well, me) blogging while sewing posts are slim. You might want to join us in the Sevens, it’s fun and easy; pop over to her blog and check out the rules (or lack thereof).

I’ve taken a few photos over the last couple of weeks, and here they are:

Over the Top Easter Goodies


We were overcome by the immense variety at our local chocolatiers (not to mention the mile-long line) and came home with a sampling. The little marzipan pig reminded mama of her childhood Easter baskets.



A recent blog discussion on the inferior quality of American chocolate (I tend to agree) included the mention of Cadbury Flake. I happened upon some of these bars at in import store and picked one up. Thoughtlessly I tossed the wrapper, so I don’t know if this an American version or truly an import from the UK, but I was sadly unimpressed.

On Baby Watch


At the bend of the gutter next to the brick post, you can see a nest. A little brown mama bird has been adding to it recently, so we should have a passel of wide open, tiny mouths very soon.



Daffodils! Or….are they Narcissus? They seem too small to be my hoped-for Daffodils, but they are all yellow, so maybe?

It’s Spring! Just kidding.


It’s April 3, and this is what I awoke to this morning. And just a couple of hours later…


…sunshine! But still oh, so cold! And every few minutes the clouds would obliterate the sunshine…mama was having quite the time reading the newspaper with the “lights” going on and off all day.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme


And bay leaves and carrots and celery and onion and turkey. Making soup from Easter dinner. I had to save the wishbone, just like in the old days.

Line Up

chairs_IMG_6562My hubby likes to arrange things. These old chairs, which have wintered indoors, are moving downstairs and out  to the front porch. Right now they look like a time-out spot for naughty little children, don’t they?

That’s it for now, wishing you all a most wonderful week!



18 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 81

  1. Lovely photos & thanks so much for mentioning that Flake bar. Don’t know as I’ve spotted one down here, but remember several people mentioned it during that discussion. Marzipan – love it! Do hope your weather levels out soon, and the snow gives way to warmer weather. Will you put cushions on those chairs for the front porch? I think it’s wonderful that you’ve got one to enjoy in good weather! Hope you can enjoy your week!

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  2. Flake got a reputation from being eaten suggestively in the bath by a naked lady. But Cadbury’s is pretty vile, not including very much cocoa at all. Best avoided in all its forms. Love the pictures, especially the line of naughty chairs.

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    • First rule of advertising – sex sells! haha My mom always spoke positively about Cadbury’s, but isn’t so thrilled with what we have here. We always had a Cadbury Easter egg, though.
      The cats like to hang out on the naughty chairs, wonder if there is some symbolism in that little fact.

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  3. I have to agree with Kate – Cadbury’s is NOT an example of good chocolate as it has a very low cocoa content. So much so that it would not be allowed to be called chocolate in the rest of Europe. I love your chairs, they’re ideal for a porch. Another of those American institutions that I wish we had over here. Snow followed by sunshine and daffodils sounds beautiful!

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    • Haha! Chocolate wars. Must be dark chocolate for me. The chairs are very old, and I love them, too. I never thought about porches being uniquely American, but it’s delightful to walk through these older neighborhoods and see all the front porches – a nice, welcoming feeling.

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    • I’m not familiar with Bournville, but there is a lovely little fruity candy in the UK that I love, don’t remember what it is called. Covered in a green wrapper, multicolored fruit jellies covered in sugar. So sweet and nice.


  4. I’m with those who aren’t keen on Cadbury’s either. Although I love white chocolate, which isn’t chocolate at all, so it’s not always about the cocoa. Your husband’s chairs reminded me of the film poltergeist – I think just because they’ve been clearly placed, but not where they should be. Or ot may just be my addled flu-filled brain!

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    • Haha! Such distinct opinions on chocolate. I’m not a white chocolate person. Poltergeist was a very scary movie! When the weather warms a bit, those chairs will be in a much friendly arrangement outside. Hope your brain is free is flu by now, and you’re feeling 100% again.

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  5. Well, I’m sorry but I love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and, although I am a bit more of a chocolate snob these days I can only go up to around 75% cocoa without feeling that I’m being ‘tested’. Apparently, to be called chocolate in the U.K. there has to be at least 20% cocoa solids whereas there only has to be 10% in the U.S. The thing with chocolate is – at least in the U.K. – it is closely tied up with childhood memories and Cadburys is smooth, creamy and comforting which, as much as I like dark chocolate, are not words I’d use to describe it. The French can be precious about chocolate but they have some nasty stuff on offer too so ‘à chacun son gout’ as they say here.

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    • My mom always loved Cadbury (especially with hazelnuts – yum). And although I love dark chocolate, it can go so far with the cacao content so that it curls the tongue! I’ve become much too fond of a local chocolatier for my own good – their dark chocolate hits just the right mark!
      Had to look up “à chacun son gout” – “to each his own”! There is something for everyone. Shall we start on ginger now? That is another of my cravings……


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