Photo Challenge – Friends

IMG_5360The photo challenge topic of the week is FRIENDS.

We have two cats. They love each other – they hate each other. We had Frieda first and later obtained Jasmine for her because we thought she was lonely. Frieda was not impressed.

The pecking order is firmly established: Frieda rules the roost, and Jasmine often hides in the outskirts. They squabble over laps, stalk each other, Frieda attacks; but they eat together, lie in sunny spots together, and when it’s cold, they sleep together in a big furry clump.

In this picture from last fall, they share the window sill (as they often do), facing away from one another, but touching bottoms. So, although I can’t be certain, it seems this love-hate relationship equals a friendship of their own feline fashion.

Thanks to the lovely creators of this challenge:

Cathy from Nanacathydotcom

Jane from Rainbowjunkiecorner

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

Sandra from Wild Daffodil


26 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Friends

  1. Such sweet pictures! My cats seem to have the same sort of complicated relationship–they often sit together for snog-fests that inevitably become wrestling matches. They always come back for more, though.

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