Sunday Sevens – Week 80

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to this week’s Sunday Sevens. If you’re unfamiliar with Sunday Sevens, hop on over to the lovely Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins and check it out. You might want to join in. It’s fun and couldn’t be easier as there are really no rules.


One big event happened this week: Meeting my daughters in New York City for wedding dress shopping! They came from California, I came from upstate and we met an old friend who had recently moved to Brooklyn. What a great 3 days we had; but it went so quickly.

We’ve arrived!

IMG_6405 (2)

Winding our way to the hotel, we passed the Empire State Building.

Here Comes the Bride


First up, a visit to the wedding salon. Here we are anxiously waiting for the bride to model her first gown. She tried on only three dresses, because number 3 was a winner! No pictures allowed. Suffice to say her sisters and I were all crying.

Art on the streetsIMG_6441

While on a walk, I was impressed by the random artistic patterns on this building. It wasn’t until we were very close that I determined the patterns were really open windows! It’s rather unusual to see open windows on a contemporary building, especially ones that open out from the bottom up.

World Trade Center


We visited the 911 Memorial at the World Trade Center. The new WTC is astonishingly beautiful, and the Memorial is a very moving experience.

In the Mood


On a narrow street in Manhattan, unassuming signage directs you to a side door, which takes you a drab entry, to a tiny elevator with a handsome operator in black suit and gloves, to this main display as you enter….Mood Fabrics!


I was reminded that I really would love a dressmaker’s dummy.


Stripes, anyone?


My youngest daughter has watched Project Runway for years, and she wanted to see the Mood mascot, Swatch. We saw portraits and photos of Swatch, we saw Swatch’s bed, we even noticed a Swatch fabric, but alas, no Swatch. We gave up. Then, as we exited the elevator on the ground floor, who should enter after us but the one and only? I was so startled I nearly missed him.



This might be cheating, as it happened today (Monday) while I was typing this post a day late. I’ve said it before, but must say it again – we have the best neighbors! My next door neighbor just discovered that hubby had been injured; she and her two little boys came over this afternoon with dinner! A cheesy pasta dish accompanied by a loaf of Italian bread and a giant pan of brownies covered thickly with chocolate.


We elected to abandon our original plan for burgers out and eat dinner at home. Yum!

That’s all for now, stitch on everyone! May this be a marvelous week for you.


33 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 80

  1. Looks like you made the most of your visit to New York. The seating area in the wedding shop looks just like the ones you see in films – although I haven’t been in any so they could all look like that for all I know 😉 I love Project Runway but, unfortunately, it no longer airs on British T.V. (or French!) or at least I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I imagine Mood Fabrics would be an overwhelming experience unless you had a shopping list for an actual project. Not attempting the wedding dress yourself then? 😉

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    • I’ve only been to a couple of wedding shops, but I’m sure they are all quite similar. I used to watch Project Runway, but haven’t recently because of all the whining and crying. I do remember early on a really cute dress made of red licorice whips!
      Mood was overwhelming to say the least. Long rolls stacked higher than you could reach, notions galore, it was amazing! You’d need a comprehensive list, and a good map of the shop. 😀
      You are the funny one, Lynn. There will be no wedding dress created by myself, can you imagine? Poor daughter. I’m laughing now.


  2. My daughter got married nearly three years ago! But it was such a wonderful bonding moment in our lives – sounds as if she found the perfect dress.

    Mood fabrics looks awesome! I am hoping to hop across the pond and visit NY this year so you have given me the first couple of ticks on my list.

    A tailor’s dummy is essential, I am writing a little instruction booklet on how to customise it so that it is an exact replica of your body. I don’t know what I would do without it.

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    • It was a grand experience! And her dress is so beautiful, perfect for a beach wedding.

      Another pond-hopper to visit Mood! hmmmmm,

      I’ll be looking forward to that instruction booklet, I’m sure it will be useful….and push me further to my already-made decision. (And every sewing just needs to have that “official” icon, right?)

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  3. I’ve only been to NYC once. My husband took me for a day trip around Christmas a couple of years ago. We did all the tourist stuff that I requested. Central Park, Time Square, Rockefeller Center. We even managed free tickets to see the Rockettes. My next trip HAS to include the garment district and of course, Mood. I enjoyed the pics of your trip. It looks like so much fun.

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    • You must go back! (That’s 3!) We always do tourist-y stuff, too. And so enjoyed the Rockettes two years ago.
      The garment district is a weird, fabulous, unique place…and Mood!
      And more restaurants than you could visit in a lifetime.

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    • It was a splendid display of buttons – I suspect you’d find anything you could possibly want in one spot. The wedding dress shopping was as wonderful as it’s supposed to be, and so much easier than I anticipated. She knew exactly what she wanted, and it will be perfect!
      The pasta was wonderfully warming….but oh those brownies were killer! So decadent and delicious. Very kind gesture.


  4. Thank you for the fabulous trip & photos, Jen! Know you were glad to see the girls & your friend. Congratulations on finding the perfect gown so quickly. Would be over begging a taste of both those dishes if they were closer! MOOD – You Went To MOOD! 😍 What did you get???!!!

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    • Thanks, Del, it was a fabulous trip indeed. The funny thing is, daughter tried on dresses a week before (the first time) in California. She tried on many, many dresses and fell in love with one. After two so-so dresses at the salon, she asked if they had “that” dress, they did, we all loved it, and it was on sale! Could not have worked out better.
      I went to MOOD! And loved it. And I bought NOTHING! Can you believe it? Had a short amount of time that morning, and just brought a jam-packed carry-on, so no shopping for me. But I’ll have a great idea of what I must have when I go online! Oh my goodness, the alpaca wool is so soft and warm…….

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      • Ah, know exactly what you mean. Remember visiting Britex several times & being too overwhelmed to purchase. If money had been no object it woulda been different! You mention alpaca wool & I seem to remember from yarn experiences you’re right about soft & warm. Did anything else impress you? Have ordered 1 item from them, several years ago, on recommendation of Grainline & another blogger, for a Morris, which is coming. Sometime. Other than that, I’ve not gotten anything. (And their shipping is a bit much for only 1 item, in my opinion.) But live & in person, when I could touch & feel, might be a different story.

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  5. Aw Jen it sounds like you had one amazing week!! I’m still smiling about the comments above – it really would be fabulous if the Spoolettes could go to New York! We’re still in huge discussion about where we will go to celebrate hubby’s 50h birthday, but it’s looking like it won’t be until easter next year as I can’t get 2 weeks off week together until then. Might have to have a cheeky weekend away in the meantime….!

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