Social Media Caterpillar in the Sewing World

Well folks, I’ve been dipping ever-so-slowly into the world of social media, but I’ve not arrived at the butterfly stage just yet.

Facebook – check
Twitter – check
Instagram – check

Mastery of same – check, no check, no check. Curses.

Regarding Twitter [@jen_davismiller] and Instagram [ffynant], I’m still a caterpillar. So for those of you who have joined my sites, thank you, and my apologies for sporadic posts and unanswered (and unseen!) comments. I’m still working on it, and I’ve noticed something. It appears one has to use them regularly to learn them.

Did you see the light bulb moment coming? Learning anything is a little like mastering sewing, isn’t it? I’ve been hesitant with my sewing, in part because of reluctance to sew for my uncooperative waistline, and in part perhaps because of a reluctance to fail. But I must soldier on!

So I have begun two sewing projects;

What do you see in these swatches?

What can you see in these swatches?

they’re not garments but something simple, fun and guaranteed to give me a needed kick in the pants boost. I think you’ll like them.

And I’ll be posting them all throughout CyberVille! Surely my butterfly status is just around the corner.

35 thoughts on “Social Media Caterpillar in the Sewing World

  1. I find Facebook sucks up my time like nothing else – people I don’t know telling me things I don’t need to know and lots of funny videos about kittens and dogs. All very entertaining of course but it does stop me getting on with other stuff so I dip in now and again and then have to apologise to people for not answering their messages:( I hate Twitter and I have got as far as opening an account with Instagram and no further.

    I am a social sloth – as I am in real life these days.

    What can your projects be? Project bags? There are pairs of coordinating fabrics so something with an inside and an outside? I can’t guess.

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    • Oh Lynn, I open a lot of those funny animals videos. Such a sucker… But oh, the videos of animal abuse. Tears my heart out. I am not thrilled with Twitter either. You? A sloth? Nah!
      Not bags, but close. Don’t you love the horse/arrow combination? It’s my favorite.


  2. I’ve recently downloaded instagram again but just don’t get it. Everyone’s photos look so professional they actually put me off interacting.

    I love twitter for work but also can’t see the point for sewing stuff. Just seems to be full of photos of people showing off their half done makes.

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    • Me too, all my photos are all taken with my phone. Amateur! Perhaps it’s the professional side of Twitter that is better; I’m “retired” so I don’t have that need anymore. hmmm. I love seeing the progress photos of other people’s creations, but haven’t been active myself.

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  3. Jen, no one could be more socially slothful than yours truly! You’re light years ahead of moi, but I am trying to do better. Am a talker/listener who hates typing! 😱
    You’re right about the regular usage thing. Practice-practice-practice don’t necessarily make the heart grow fonder, but it does increase speed . . .
    Sorry, have no i-de-ah what you’re up to, but hope you’re havin’ a good time.

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    • Yes it is! I’ll probably never make much progress in twitter, but IG keeps me checking what folks are up to (my daughter and other family members, for example). Once my sewing gets up to speed, maybe I’ll be more active. A girl can hope.


  4. I’ve managed to resist the lure of Instagram so far, but Facebook sucks up WAY too much of my time. I’ve joined too many sewing groups, and then there’s news, and somewhere in there are friends . . . . I was on Twitter for a while, but I found it made me feel too scattered, jumping from topic to topic with each tweet. I think it does pay to find one that you like and focus on that; otherwise, you’d never have time for anything else!

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    • So true about focus. It does take a lot of time if you’re diligent with more than one. I think it’s too much for me! I read an article this morning in USA Today about Twitter – people are giving up because it’s just too confusing and fragmented.

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  5. Just blogging alone is all time consuming and i dabble in IG and my blog post automatically go on Twitter. When I think about the time I spent with social media I wish I’d have made something but then I wouldn’t have my lovely online sewing buddies. I could do with another day in the week! What about making a peg bag?! 😃

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  6. I used to like FB and Twitter but just check in occasionally. I much prefer IG and blogging. I don’t think it is a good idea to commit to more than one, or two at the most. And what a pretty selection of fabrics Jen.

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    • Blogging and IG. That’s two. That should be plenty for me, don’t you think. I had to open some accts for a college class I was taking, but never really needed to use them.
      The main fabrics were from my secret santa, and I found some nice bits to coordinate with them. Yay!

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  7. Social Media ~~~ argh! the biggest drain on my time of anything! What was life like without it? Oh, that’s right, I actually had one! lol
    I lost my IG account through accidentally logging out on an out of date iPod and now I can’t get back on. Technology! Pah!
    I’ve recently spend weeks rethinking my online identity and bringing all my ‘stuff’ together, hopefully this time I got it right!
    Good luck with getting all your ducks in a row!
    Deborah xo

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    • It does take big chunks doesn’t it? Can be great fun though, until the glitches happen. Ugh. I like what you’ve done with your online presence! I’ll get my ducks sorted out, one way or another. I’m beginning to think “less is more” in some instances. 😉


  8. Pillow cases? Each social media has it’s own use for me. Instagram is more like a personal photo album for me. I don’t interact much and don’t know many of the folks who ‘like’ my posts. fb is good for locals/islanders and Irish folks to find me. I sometimes put up just a pic or two and not the entire post from my blog. Sometimes I put the whole post. I find fb people don’t want to really read too much. Twitter, well I am still learning too. On IG and Twitter I tend to do nothing for a week or two then before deleting photos from my phone, I send them there. Often they are photos that were used in a blog post. But in my blog stats, a few people a week are referred from twitter, that is in weeks when I post something there. Anyway, hope that makes sense. It’s late and it may not! Off to bed for me. Night night. Melissa

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  9. One pillow case! Very helpful info you’ve included, thank you! And it does make sense. 🙂 I never thought of sending to-be-deleted photos to IG or TW, good way to declutter. I usually save to my laptop and somehow end up with duplicates (and double duplicates…..).


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