Photo Challenge – Stitch

This week’s topic is Stitch. The photo is a nod to all my knitting friends out there. In a previous post, I shared a picture of my mother’s old knitting bag. I find it extraordinarily beautiful, and it brings back such comforting memories. My mother is living with us now, and has brought that old bag back to life, as she is beginning to knit again. While examining the long tucked away contents, she discovered this dandy little item. A stitch counter!


Thanks to the lovely ladies who created this challenge:

Cathy from Nanacathydotcom

Jane from Rainbowjunkiecorner

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

Sandra from Wild Daffodil


29 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Stitch

  1. Golly! I’d forgotten there were such things, but you’re right – there are/used to be. Probably an app for it now . . . doesn’t quite have the same feeling, does it? Glad mum’s knitting and the bag’s come back!

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  2. Handy gadgets such as this were given away with sewing and knitting magazines. I am always chuffed when I see something similar in a charity shop. Plus they are often still useful, I still have an ancient Quick Unpick, anther handy tool!

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    • Yes, it is a fabulous bag. Might have been her mother’s? It’s quite faded now, but just so beautiful. And it always was a serious thing, we handled it so gingerly and not a stitch or a corner (or the clasp) has any damage. Love it.


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