Sunday Sevens – Week 73

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s installment of Sunday Sevens, highlighting some trivia from the past week. Sunday Sevens was started by Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins, and gives a little peek into bits of everyday life that may not call for a whole post. Check it out and see if you’d like to join in, anyone can play!


Two weeks have passed since my last Sunday Sevens post, so here is a little update for you.


IMG_6008 (1)

The bathroom reno is so close – only little touches remain: the shower door, a towel/robe hook,  replacement radiator, vent cover, paper hanger, and glass shelves in brick alcove, all of which will be installed this week. And not a moment too soon, as mom has arrived!IMG_5996

Fold-up shower seat (aren’t we fancy)

IMG_6009 (2)

Into the “Hobbit” closet


Corner sink

IMG_6004 (2)Cat testing


IMG_6015 (2)A second muslin (from different pattern) created for my floral fabric.
It will have its own post shortly.

Happy Sunday to all, and have a fabulous week!


28 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 73

    • Thank you, Kate. We were hoping to make it look like it had been there forever, and it seems to work out that way! The brick is the old kitchen chimney, uncovered when the lathe and plaster came down. It just looked so cool to me – and a great place to put in some shelves. The sink mirror is still a mystery, we’re not sure what we can fit into that corner. Maybe an oval mirror hung at a slant? Hopefully a medicine cabinet (oh, such a teeny tiny one….)
      Almost ready to cut the blouse! I promise. 😀


    • Thanks Lynn! The glass shelves should be in place this afternoon, and as there is a shortage of storage in there (the closet is just big enough for her tiny clothes), they will be very useful. She really likes the little shower seat.


    • Thank you Sheila! She is very happy with it. A little story about the sink….that corner used to be a tiny shelf cabinet. When we broke it out, it was the perfect size for a little sink. So I searched and searched and searched. I kid you not, all the corner sinks that would fit looked like urinals. Yuck. Many tears of frustration. Then we stumbled upon this one; it was a discontinued model and deeply discounted. Score!

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  1. The things I love–honeycomb floor tiles, exposed brickwork, light switch cover, and shower seat, ya! I want a shower seat too 😀 While we were renovatiing this old house we had a rental that had a teeny tiny bathroom with a corner sink. Above it was a corner medicine chest, angled the same as the sink. There wasn’t loads of storage space in it, but it did the trick and looked really nice. Nice job. Cheers!

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