Photo Challenge – Vintage

I’m joining in with a Photo Challenge! This is Week 3, and the subject is Vintage. My old (1910) home provides vintage aplenty for the gathering. One of the things I love most is the wonky old radiator heat system, which starts up at 5:30 each morning. It roars, rumbles, clanks and clatters as the steam winds its way through each radiator, making it a most trusted alarm clock.

This radiator in the dining room is one of the best. I believe it started out white, or ivory, but it wears its age (rust, chips, spatters) well, wouldn’t you agree?


Linking up with Wild Daffodils weekly photo challenge!

19 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Vintage

    • Thanks for the welcome! We shall see how I do. That is the largest; the living room actually has 2 smaller ones together under the window – they’re covered though, so not as pretty. (And one isn’t working well, but let’s not discuss that)

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