Sunday Sevens – Week 71

Hi all, we’ve arrived again at a new edition of Sunday Sevens, started by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins. Why not take a peek at her blog and check out the “rules” for the Sevens….you might want to join us. It’s fun and easy – no pressure!



Construction Progress

Since construction is the main thing going on around our household, this post will contain too many bathroom photos. The little under-the-stairs bathroom will be completed in less than two weeks, so you’ll soon see the finished room….and then we’re done!

IMG_5824Shower stall and toilet areas are framed. The shower is dark here because it is coated in dark red water proofing. The little brick patch is the back of to-be built-in shelves, honoring the old house by exposing the decommissioned kitchen chimney.

IMG_5827Old, tiny closet to remain undisturbed (except for the floor and some paint).

IMG_5818This newly uncovered corner (space stolen from a teeny tiny shelf closet in the bedroom) is where the corner sink will go. Tile work begins tomorrow, then painting, and then the fixtures can go in.

IMG_5829Once it’s completed, we will need only to ready the bedroom. Piece of cake, don’t you agree?

IMG_5814While our little crew works (3, 2, or 1 depending on the day), I hide out upstairs with a book – sometimes reading, sometimes watching Cat TV with Frieda.

Motto of the week


This is a card I’ve just sent out. Inside says:
Here’s to making history on your birthday!

And here’s to history-making sewing/crafting for all of you! Have a great week!

27 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 71

    • Cute, isn’t it? I had to get it…..makes me want to bust out my flapper old outfit. (No, I don’t really have one) And oh goodness, I remember those holders – let’s hope that trend isn’t the next to be revived. 😉

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  1. Wonderfully scheduled remodel – lots completed this past week! What a lovely view out your window. too. What’s your current book(s)? I’ve just uncovered Ann Cleeves (Shetland’s author) & hope to snag one of her books out the library this week.

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    • Thank you! I am finishing up Behind the Scenes at the Museum, then on to The Pink Suit, and I have an autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt on the shelf. I’d be further along, but I do get distracted by pretty views and blog reading! Will have to check into Ann Cleeves.

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      • Aw, my apologies as now I recall your listing these already. My bad! Read the pink suit rather quickly; interested to see what you think of it. Do hope I enjoy Cleeves. Watched some of her Shetland series on YouTube, and love her Vera series (both on PBS up north, not down here…). UK always gets these things eons before we do. 😦

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  2. That’s real progress on the bathroom – let’s hope that the bedroom isn’t as bad as it looks!! Great view from the window. Snow always makes everything so pretty, doesn’t it? Love that quote and shall have to remember it for future reference.

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    • Hehe, I’m sorry to inform you that the bedroom is every bit as bad as it looks, it will surely have me out in hives before it’s all done. Oh I don’t like to be out in the snow for long, but it truly is beautiful! Especially in the bright sunshine. Yes, it’s a very good motto….we can justify most anything with it. 🙂

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    • Oh, hehe, wrong kind of construction, sorry. My clothes making is coming much more slowly. But it is coming along and I’ll be onto the second muslin for my top this week. This was supposed to be my first SWAP garment, even though it doesn’t fit exactly into my categories. I’ve finally come up with a name for my swap and will be posting about it soon. (Not sure how strongly I feel about my ability to get all garments completed.)


    • Hubby is doing quite a bit of the unseen work, plumbing, electrical as well as demo. Now the contractors are there to do the rest. That will be my mom’s room (now it will be a tiny ensuite) and I’m sure she will love it, quite cozy. One of favorite cards….methinks those ladies are having a grand time!

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    • Thanks! I’m actually getting excited now that it’s coming along more quickly. Oh, it will so grand to do a real vacuum! And yes, have a little peace. Meantime, I’ll just keep enjoying that upstairs view. (Anything to stay in from of the cold…) 🙂

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