I Never Promised You a Rose Garden…

However, I did promise to start with a muslin for every new garment. And I’m following through. And, whew, am I a happy sewist for that!

Would you care to know why that makes me so happy? Well, it certainly isn’t because of this fabulous new top I have made from a navy blue twin bed sheet.



No, this version of Simplicity 8523 will never be worn, because …. well, it’s a sheet, and it is too small and too short. So obviously that isn’t what made me happy.

Let me set the stage for you. The intended fabric is a small piece, and requires some tricky maneuvering to accommodate all the pieces. And here is where my muslin comes into play, and the tiniest confession is in order. It was getting quite late, and after hand basting the darts, shoulder and side seams (more on that in next paragraph), I nearly opted to just turn the neckline under at the seamline instead of making the facings. It’s just a muslin after all – just to confirm the fit, after all. Common sense prevailed however, thank goodness, because I discovered a problem with the facings. Before sewing them together, I laid them out on the front and back pieces. Ack! Where are my front notches? Why is this back piece so round?? Yes, I had cut out the back facing from the wrong view! What if that had been my real fabric? Saints preserve!

~Why the hand sewn muslin? Well, there is so much construction dust floating around that Stella is tucked into her case, and will remain there until it’s safe to come out. (Soon!) And I could just sit anywhere out of the way to put it together. Hence the puckered stitching lines and loopy threads.~

In addition to the facing mishap, I discovered fit issues. Now, I’m sure the pattern in my size could be cut from the fabric by making the sleeveless version, using narrower seams, and possibly making facings from another fabric. Had I proceeded without the practice garment however, I would have a top that is too short and a little snug, with sleeves that are too short and too tight. So, my muslin saved my bacon. Or least my blouse!

Lest you think I’m prattling on about just any old cloth, this is my gorgeous Praline Honey Voile received from my StitchingSanta, Michelle, of Sewnhenge.

IMG_5665So I’m revising my plans, and here are the alternatives:  A) cut the larger size, and make it sleeveless, or B) hold on to it until the extra bagels and holiday treats have been eradicated so I can fit into the smaller size, which fits perfectly on the fabric.

What would you do?





26 thoughts on “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden…

  1. Ack- That is a tough one but since I am holding on to fabric until I can fit into a certain size- well you know what I would do. If I like the fabric a lot and really need something I will sew for myself. But I have a few expensive pieces I LOVE (like 2 yards of Thai silk I won from a fellow blogger) that just have to wait! Only problem with that is it has been waiting quite a while! Sigh- Guess I am not a good person to ask! Lovely fabric though… and I hope the dust clears soon!

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    • I think that’s the way I’m heading, Kim. I’ll give it just a short time to see how the “other option” works out. Oh, some years ago I had a shell that had 2 notches at the front and back hem. Something like that might work, too.

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  2. I have made the sleeveless version from this pattern a couple of times. It’s a nice shape and I think would work well in this lovely fabric. I’m very impressed that you have hand stitched the muslin!

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  3. I would never make things too small as they are not likely to get worn. Make the right size and go sleeveless or even consider mixing in a second fabric for the sleeves or the back. You certainly can use a different fabric for the facings and even for a faced hem if you are really short of fabric.

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  4. You’re probably right, Kate. I’m not going to wait long….and then I’ll go ahead with the correct size. I never thought of using a different material for sleeves or back! Maybe I can find a nice lace that coordinates? This looks like a fun challenge. We’ll see how it goes.


  5. If I were confident enough about my upper arms I would make the larger size without sleeves. I’m not sure I would colour block the sleeves personally but certainly contrasting or toning fabric for the facing and hem would be an option. Would that save you enough fabric though?

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    • I think the supplementary fabric for facings and hem will do the trick! I have found some interesting patterns that could make the blocking really nice, so investigating that too. Nothing that will detract from the lovely print though. 🙂


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