Sunday Sevens – Week 69

Hello everyone! I hope 2016 is starting with a bang for all of you. Thinking about starting a new blogging tradition? Then why not pop over the Natalie’s site, Threads and Bobbins, and check out the Sunday Sevens. It’s a great opportunity to blog about random loveliness, with only the slightest suggestion of rules (you just need to include seven photos; and if you don’t have seven, any amount will do nicely).


At our household, we begin 2016 in a bit of disarray…this was the view from study into bathroom just two days ago.


The little half bath of my hubby’s study was slated for a very minor rehab sometime far down the road. We planned to update the sink and vanity (or down-date?) to a more period-appropriate set. The house was built in 1910, and these fixtures were added in the 80’s. We thought we’d also install a tile floor and either wallpaper or repaint the walls. But my mom is coming! In twenty-one days, this will be her room, and she will need a shower. So we are making room for one. No easy task in this awkwardly arranged space.


Partial demo


Further demo. A bit of electrical investigation and old floor removal will be done tomorrow – then the new installations can get underway!


Look at the study now. Impressive, isn’t it.


The old lath and plaster ended up temporarily on the front porch.


Items from the old bath closet are now parked on the dining room table, and the desk from study is in the dining room, too. Wherever shall I sew?


And what will I be sewing? For starters, this pattern in this gorgeous fabric.
Here is a question for you: does anyone remember the term “yardage” and does anyone use that anymore? Just curious.

IMG_5738 (1)

Now, I do realize this is Monday, and not Sunday, but I have a really good reason for not posting yesterday. We were in Buffalo at an NFL football game, the Buffalo Bills v NY Jets. It was a beautiful, although very, very cold day and the Bills actually won, which is something they do not do often enough!

So there you have it. The pictures are not so very pretty, but that will change in just a few short weeks.

Stitch on, everyone!

26 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 69

  1. Boy, big things are happening in your house! Was that your sewing space, too? Hope everything goes well with the renovation and everybody gets the space they need.

    Come to think of it, my mother still uses “yardage,” and I’ve heard her refer to Joann’s as “the yardage store.” I think she’s the only person I know who uses that term.

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    • Big things indeed! Actually my sewing space was the dining room table, study is little too small to house a sewing machine, too, so that will eventually move upstairs. But this should be just the right space for my tiny little mama. 🙂

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  2. Hope everything goes well with your renovation, and you find another nook for sewing! What view of that pattern are you making? Your yardage looks warm & sunny for June, unless it’s flannel! Don’t know who uses that term these days, but surely someone still does. 😉

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    • Thanks, sewing room will be relocated upstairs. That is one of the next projects, probably won’t be right away. The fabric is a lovely, light voile….and will be perfect by time the SWAP is completed. And great under a jacket. I am thinking either C (square neck) or E (v neck).
      Don’t know why that word popped into my head, but I remembered working in the Yardage Department of a small department store many years ago…..

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  3. Lots of Etsy shops selling fabric use the term ‘yardage’ in their descriptions. Apart from that I couldn’t possibly comment as, being European, I would have to say ‘meterage’ which sounds much clumsier.
    What an upheaval in your house. I am worried for the Dr. Spock bust I spied in the former study – I hope he has been moved somewhere safe.

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    • Meterage! I never thought about that conversion. How funny. I’d love to waltz into a fabric store and ask to peruse the meterage.
      Thank you for the concern re Spock; he has indeed been moved to a secure zone. You must have surmised by now then that himself is a Star Trek fan. We shall have to relegate several items elsewhere to decorate in a more suitable manner for mama. 😉


    • It was quite traumatizing knocking out 105-year old lath and plaster! But we are trying to stay with the original character in every room, so I’ll be able to breathe again once the walls are back up.
      Our fabric stores are getting quite up-to-date here. Have tables and tapes marked for both metric and standard US measurements.;-)

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  4. Crikey! You’ve your work cut out there, but at least with a deadline it shouldn’t drag on too long. Looking forward to seeing it all done, but not as much as you I suspect!! Love the snowy pic of your porch, but where’s the ⛄️☃⛄️☃ ?

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    • Haha! No snowman for me! We do have a wooden one on a stake, does that count? I can drag him out of the basement….
      Thank goodness for such a tight deadline! And you’re so right, I’m very anxious to see it all finished. And then we can move on to the next one. No shortage of projects.

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    • So true – we don’t have time to dally with decisions. Of course I’m second-guessing it all the way. Have changed floor tile idea twice – decision is due today! And so it will be.
      Sewing! Yes! I have so much to do. But, one thing at a time, right?

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    • Thanks, it’s going smoothly I think. Contractor just told me we are trying to put 10 pounds of groceries in a 5-lb bag. Sounds doable? Getting my muslin going for the yellow top. Fingers crossed.


  5. Congratulations on your demo-reno! We are always doing some sort of improvement in our 1950’s bungalow, the big one being a full kitchen redo a year a go (which took 18 months…. *headdesk*), so I wish you all the luck, patience and goodwill as you go through yours. I love all the original wood in your pics. As for the term yardage, I hear it used all the time by colleagues in the interior dec industry, although I’ve noticed people generally use the all-encompassing term ‘fabric’.

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    • Thank you! And you have a bungalow! With the natural wood? Most of the original gumwood trim here has been painted by previous owners – one of our very long term goals is to restore it. And some odd varnish used on all of the doors. Yardage does sound rather exclusive (“to the trade”) doesn’t it? I still like the word, although rarely use it.


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