#StitchingSanta Reveal – My turn to play Santa

First off, a great big thank you is in order to Sewchet’s Sheila, who organized this #StitchingSanta gift exchange. It appears to have been a grand success. And oh, what fun! I received a heaping helping of goodness from my Santa Michelle, and I was able to play Santa to a most delightful recipient.

My partner was Abigail (Abi) of Freckled Fashionista. Abi is a young sewist, and a very accomplished one I might add. She is cute and funny, and has a passion for creative arts, including sewing. I had stumbled upon and followed her blog shortly before Sheila paired me up with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

Unfortunately, I took very few photos (and you’ve seen two of them before).

IMG_5446 (2)

This little ensemble became pin and needle cushions. The red flannel is from my stash (Abi loves flannel) and I made the traditional “tomato” effect with red and silver thread. Each is topped with vintage button, and has a felt bottom.


Knowing Abi’s love of flannel, I searched the vintage and thrift stores where I finally found a great piece for her, a lovely red plaid. The pink and gray appears to be a linen blend and seems perfect for a little summery something.

IMG_5564 (1)

Here are the cushions and a tiny Christmas box of vintage buttons, some of which are matching sets.


I added a little bit of hot chocolate into the mix for good measure, and sent them off to Abi!

I’m thrilled to report that Abi loved all her goodies (she reported on her blog right away), and I am looking forward to seeing her new creations. Happy New Year, Abi, and to all of you!


12 thoughts on “#StitchingSanta Reveal – My turn to play Santa

  1. I read Abi’s blog post about receiving this package and she seems delighted – it’ll be interesting to see what she makes with the plaid.
    You did better than I did with your photographs as I sent my packages off without taking any and the only proof I sent anything is the recipients’ blog posts. Oops! I will promise Sheila to do better next year if she is kind enough to organise us all again.
    A very Happy New Year to you too.

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    • Oh thank you, Lynn! I knew she’d love that flannel and really hope there is enough to work with. (There is a funny little square out of one corner…grrr) And I do believe Sheila is already committed to giving it another go. Maybe I can learn to knit by then. hahahaha


  2. Adorable gifties – thank you for sharing! Must ask if you had a pattern for the cute cushions.
    (Hadn’t realized it was expected that everyone reveal afterward what they’d sent, so this is a good lesson for me now, as I’ve already added next year to my diary!)
    Will drop over to Abi’s blog to read her post – thank you & Happy New Year to you both! 🎉🎈🎉

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  3. Thanks again for taking part and continuing against all the odds – it was so worth it as Abi was obviously delighted with your gifts. I’m particularly impressed that you managed some hand sewing whilst you were away and found time to make the pincushions:)

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