#StitchingSanta Reveal – My Santa Rocks!

Good morning all, and welcome to my Big Reveal!

You may recall that I’ve been away visiting my mom and sister in California. And you may also recall that my StitchingSanta parcel arrived during my absence and that I’ve whined like a baby having to wait so long to open my package. Well, finally Opening Day has arrived and I am so happy to share my goodies with you. First of all, there are A LOT of photos (for which I make no apology) because my Santa, Michelle, was so extraordinarily generous. Please check out her blog, Sewnhenge, I know you’ll love it, too!

So without further ado, let’s get this parcel opened.


This was a jam-packed box! Which became…


…a table full of whimsical packages. Which became….


…an amazing pile of abundance! Would you like some closeups? Of course you would! So I must oblige.

Here they are, in no particular order.


Needles to spare! Who doesn’t need more needles?


A card of vintage buttons. Can you guess which is my favorite? Which is yours?


Two lovely patterns. Look at that Donna Ricco jacket! I need to make a jacket. And some tops. These are perfect!


A pretty potholder.


Not that I needed one….


All the components necessary to make a cute little coin purse.


Three cute bits of fabric. Maybe for the sweet new baby girl in the family?


And a little something for her big brother?


Oooh, wouldn’t this be pretty for the Simplicity blouse pattern?


This beautiful Robert Kauffman screen print is a most brilliant red! And it’s big (~ 23″ x 39″). I know this, because I measured it with….


…this adorable tape measure.


And this sweet holiday card, which I saved for last.

Thank you so much, Michelle! I couldn’t be happier with all goodies you sent! I’ll be posting as the projects come to life.

And on a final note, a great big thank you to Sewchet’s Sheila for organizing this amazing #StitchingSanta gift exchange. And an even bigger personal thank you to Sheila for encouraging me when I worried that circumstances would limit (or even eliminate) my participation. Please count me in for next year!

Stitch on in the New Year everyone! Hope it’s the best year yet!

27 thoughts on “#StitchingSanta Reveal – My Santa Rocks!

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous array of things, you were spoiled rotten! I love the horse fabric, my boys would love that and the pot holder was much needed by the look of it! I’m so pleased you enjoyed taking part – shouldn’t have to twist your arm for next year then?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Sheila, I was spoiled indeed! The poor old pot holder….it can go away now (or at least to the very bottom of the heap), It was a grand experience, still is, as the posts continue to roll in. No arm twisting required, please count me in for 2016!


    • Thank you so much, Michelle! I love them all. The potholder was perfect! I do have a couple more, but that one was in such dire straights……just had to show you. Have already used my new, pretty one! I think the print voile will have to become a blouse from the pattern you sent. It’s really lovely.


    • Thanks! I like that pattern too, and I believe the caramel-y and blue fabric would be perfect for it. And it will be great with the navy pants and/or jacket I’m planning to make. And those horses – so cute!
      [Will be contacting you regarding my beautiful box in the next few days.]


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