Sunday Sevens – Week 65

Hi all, welcome to this week’s Sunday Sevens. What is Sunday Sevens? Well, it is a place to blog about the little things of your week – those that might not merit a whole post of their own. You only need seven (or so) pictures. Easy! It was created by Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins. Why not visit her site, check out the non-rules of Sevens, and think about joining in?


Hide and seek, with feline

IMG_5455 (2)

We can still see you, Molly.

Santa’s on his way

IMG_5458 (2)This handsome Santa is in front of an upscale jewelry store and a Pilates studio. The small, crowded shopping center (where I needed to pick up a bag of coffee) had large, elaborate decorations; he was my favorite.

Christmas Secrets

IMG_5446 (2)

What might become of this little grouping?

Early, Accidental, Unexpected Presents


Working without my sewing machine and rummaging in mom’s old sewing cabinet for necessities. (Oh the hours I’ve spent there!) And look what I found! Vintage Ginghers. In their original box. And now they are mine. I suspect there will a shipment of vintage goodies headed to NY to greet me when I arrive home. Oh happy day!

Sewing Plans

SWAP 2016 JEN ideas board

To be precise, Sewing With  A Plan. Since many of my sewing plans have been temporarily derailed, I’m hoping I can still manage the SWAP 2016. This is my very preliminary idea and it will undoubtedly be revised as it seems quite mundane after more thought. Fingers crossed!

Words of wisdom


I recently read a great quote from world-renowned cellist Pablo Casals on Facebook  and decided to look into it. Here is what I found:

“THE MUSICIAN: Pablo Casals, who performed at the UN recently, is 81. He agreed to have Robert Snyder make a movie short, “A Day in the Life of Pablo Casals.” Snyder asked Casals, the world’s foremost cellist, why he continues to practice four and five hours a day. Casals answered: ‘Because I think I am making progress.’ ” From The Quote Investigator.

Stitch on, everyone and have a most glorious week!




18 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 65

  1. Molly is my sister’s cat. She has been very standoffish all her life (she was a rescue, you’d think she be more appreciative) but in the last couple of years has come around a bit. Last night she even slept in my lap!
    Santa is intimidating, isn’t he. But I love the motion he shows. However, I did not park directly in front of him….


    • Thanks, Del. That quote really resonated with me, seemed to apply in so many ways. And I’ll apologize in advance for the long answer coming up. 😉

      Sewing With A Plan is hosted by Artisan Square, and it is a challenge to create 11 garments that essentially make up a core wardrobe (that is my understanding). There are rules, but all your choices of course, are your own. Sewing begins the end of December. My wardrobe has been a shambles of boring pieces, just things that sort of “match”. This seemed like a good way to finally make sense of it and build a cohesive set of garments. And you can change your mind if your pieces don’t really work. I chose mine based on colors I have (the red skirt for example) and I wanted browns/blues instead of black, and pieces that were short in my existing wardrobe. Here is the link (hope it works-please let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll try something else) so you can check it out. You’ll seem some familiar faces/names on the board.,25727.0.html

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