Sunday Sevens – Week 64

Hi all, welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Sevens, started by Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins. This weekly post is devoted to those bits and bobs of everyday life that may not merit their own posts. Stop on in to her site to read more about it, and think about joining us; it’s fun and anyone can play!



What’s Going On

The short description of my last couple of weeks: my mom was hospitalized with a broken hip, so I flew back to Sacramento to help out. She was released from hospital to rehabilitation facility, and then finally back home. Sis and I share caretaking duties. Working on alternative arrangements.



Autumn on the “left coast”

I get to experience my second fall season of the year – on the West Coast. It’s a whole different kind of wonderful.

Missing my kitties


California cat

Miss Molly gives me my cat fix. She found the choicest bit of warm sunlight streaming in through a bedroom window.

What? I can’t hear you!


Poor little weenie….

So who might be responsible for the sad state of this little guy?


Sweet, funny fellow

Certainly it couldn’t be this sweet boy……or could it?



Picked up mom from rehab for Thanksgiving dinner. Not a traditional big family meal this time, it was just the three of us. Mom, sister, me. No, lovely dog did not join us, he had his own holiday meal outside. One pooped mama went back to rehab after dinner.

Finally Home


Orchids upon arrival

At last mom is home. Picked her up early and after a day of rest, we will begin the therapist-recommended exercise regimen at home.

By request



Ok ladies, here is the full pic of the skirt. This is certainly a rough-and-tumble sweater and not the pretty blouse it needs, and I was sans shoes – so short of photoshopping in some footwear, this is it! Eeeek!

Hope your upcoming week is just marvelous.

Stitch on, everyone!

16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 64

  1. Sounds like your mums getting some good treatment and looking after. It’s amazing how quickly they get you up and about after getting a broken hip fixed. Some fab pix – my favourite is the red tree… truly stunning! And you of course, looking lovely, definitely no need to chop your head off, 🙂

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    • She is doing well, a bit tired but that’s to be expected. That tree is gorgeous, isn’t it? And changing so quickly…a lot of the red ones are going yellow now. A little happier sipping champagne than taking selfies, wouldn’t you say? haha


  2. How lovely to get to have autumn twice in one year! And wonderful that your mom was able to come home for Thanksgiving. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for her and a quick return home for you!

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  3. Your skirt actually looks better now that we can see the full sized version.
    Your sister’s dog looks a little like my Flo but with longer hair.
    I hope your Mum is gadding about again soon. She is lucky to have such caring daughters to help her with her recovery.
    Good luck with those exercises!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Maybe I’ll get an “action pic” of it one of these days. Mr. Dog is at my feet as I type…he is a Gordon Setter (not the traditional black and tan) and a very nice boy. Mom continues to improve, but is quite tired so, I will definitely need some good luck with her exercises!

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  4. Jen, I’ve been thinking about participating in the Sunday Sevens for a while. After reading your posts, I think I’m going to do it. It looks like fun!

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