Sunday Sevens – Week 61

Hello everyone! Today’s Sunday Sevens, created by Natalie of Threads and Bobbins, offers a few glimpses of my last week. These are bits of random fun that are not quite ready for their own post. Why not pop on over to Natalie’s site to see what Sunday Sevens is all about; it’s fun and anyone can join in.



Back at home for mama

My mom’s visit wrapped up with me spending a week with her in Sacramento, CA. We enjoyed lovely weather, including a very rainy day and night. Due to a long drought, Californians welcome any and all precipitation! My sister and many of her neighbors have converted their water guzzling lawns into drought resistant sanctuaries for birds, butterflies and bees.

The new California yard

Back at home for me

While the peak color show for fall foliage is waning, there are still many bright yellow leaves around the neighborhood. The sun shines through the tree outside my living room window bathing the entire room in gold, like a brilliant jeweled diorama created just for me.



Back at my sewing machine

Tried on my WIP again, and even with all the nice meals and treats of late, my skirt slides on (and immediately slides right off) even with the zipper closed. That’s a good thing, but necessitated two extra darts. I basted them in and voila – skirt stays up! Will just take a few minutes to sew the darts, then the waistband and hem are all that remain. Skirt is due for completion tonight! Finally.

Five darts!

Five darts!

Back to the blogs

No new books for me just at the moment, I have blogs to read! Spent a good deal of time reading the blogs I’ve missed over the past month. And Sheila of Sewchet has sent me a wonderful Secret Santa partner; the ideas are rolling…

Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret?

Back to my mailbox

Barbara, of Zibergirl Sews had a giveaway…..and I was one of the recipients! What she calls a “token” arrived in my mailbox while I was away. I opened up the envelope to find an inner (very fancy) envelope, and this! An adorable little business card wallet. Black floral print on the outside, two different polka dots inside, lime green button loop, and a snazzy black button with green tint positioned right next to a big green flower. So cleverly done. Thank you, Barbara!


Sweet little purse

Back to the music stand

Some time back (probably a year or more) I mentioned to Mr. LTSB that I love the cello (I once was a flutist) and if I were to learn a new instrument, a cello it would be. Upon my return from CA, he ushered me into the living room where my birthday gift was waiting! What a thoughtful husband. My first lesson is tomorrow. Watch out YoYo Ma, here I come!

Yo Yo Jen?

Yo Yo Jen?

Back to the fabric store

We wandered into Joanne Fabrics and discovered a sale in progress…..Simplicity Patterns for $1.00; these were each originally $17.00! How could I pass it up? Found three that offered some possibilities…

Super sales are good....

Super sales are good….

So that was my week. Hope your last week was lovely and the next one will be even better!

Stitch on, everyone!

21 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 61

  1. I love the way you casually throw a new cello into the mix 😉 How exciting. I never learned how to play a musical instrument – unless you count the recorder. I used to drive my mother mad with my constant rendition of ‘London’s Burning’. I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Funny lady! I fear I will drive myself mad with “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and such…why can’t I just begin at the top? hehe. Will keep you posted – unless it’s a major fail, then there will be loud silence. But I’m ever hopeful…..


  2. I only ever mastered the recorder too but would have loved to learn a stringed instrument – good luck with the lessons. I nearly bought that very pyjama pattern for the boys as a Christmas project for Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network but decided on Santa Sacks instead:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Strings are supposed the most difficult to learn (of course!!), but I can sort of read music so hopefully that will help a bit. Thanks, first lesson soon, crossing fingers and everything else (hmmm, that would make it difficult to play, though, wouldn’t it). Santa Sacks? Very intriguing….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice patterns! I like the hoodie–bit more dressed up than the usual style. Happy to see the drought gardening; makes so much more sense than lawns for the arid west coast. Unfortunately, that hasn’t really caught on here yet, though I suspect the ongoing drought may make that a more appealing option for people. Glad you are back safely at home–have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I thought the hoodie would be a little bit nicer, too. The drought landscaping can be really nice, it’s so refreshing to see folks being proactive in this situation. Yes, it’s always good to be back home, isn’t it? 🙂

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  4. Hehe, it should be my signature, eh? It was a busy week, and yes, my fingers are a little tender. But the cello lesson was fun! I’ve signed up for nine weeks! And then I will be pinning and sewing? Help, I’ll have bandages on all my digits in short order. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Five. It seems like a lot….and the blooming thing is still a tad loose. As for the cello (which btw is tremendous fun), I’d best hop on to my practicing or I’ll never move beyond Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! 😉


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