Sunday Sevens – Week 55

Hi everyone, it’s time for this week’s Sunday Sevens, a little ode to randomness, those bits that don’t merit a whole post. For info about Sunday Sevens, please pop in to see the creator, Natalie, over at Threads & Bobbins. There are no real rules, just sharing of seven(ish) pictures.

It’s been a busy week, but not a picture-taking one, so I’ve little to share. But…share I will with what there is.



Just because I haven’t posted a cloud scene in a couple of Sundays….and because the beauty of a cloudy, sunny sky never fails to enthrall me.


IMG_4913 (2)

Made my choice of fabric for my new skirt, lovely heavyweight cranberry….still playing with the chiffon embellishments.


IMG_4900 (2)

What is better than freshly scrubbed windows, ready for nice clean curtains to go back up.



My old rattan porch chairs needed a bit of touching up….and new cushions! They are not as pinkish as they look in this photo. And oh so comfy now.



What’s to say? They are just cute. And a little change-up from my usual cat pics.


IMG_4909 (2)

Some bathrooms have no built-in storage, so plastic bins hold sundries. Placement of similarly packaged products is rather critical. For instance, if one is dressing in a hurry, one must be careful to grab the correct item with which to spray one’s hair. Don’t ask me how I know this.

So, be sure to pay attention to details, and have a great week, everyone!



21 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 55

  1. These are such interesting images – the comfy chairs, the gleeming windows, the bathroom products with their matt silver packaging, and the bluest, beautiful sky. Lovely and evocative of your lifestyle.


  2. Your chairs look great! I love your beautiful cranberry fabric; what a perfect color for fall and winter. And I share your frustration with rushed mornings–I’m remembering a morning in which I threw on some clothes in a hurry (and in dim light) and only realized later that I’d put on a denim dress, black tights, and brown shoes. 😉


    • Hi Natalie, I just logged on (to start my Sevens, which will be published tomorrow I promise)….and your note popped up before my very eyes. Never had that happen before. Thanks, the chairs are much nicer now (they were a bit bedraggled and “flat” before) and I hope to be enjoying for some time still before it gets too cold to be outdoors. And happy to report I’ve not made that mistake again….yet….haha.

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      • Ha – I’ve not done mine yet, working on it now! I’ve been quite behind with things this last week :-0 I really like to see things given a spruce up – I’ve seen so many things thrown away when all they needed was new fabric – well done you for giving them a new lease of life 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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