It’s a breakthrough!

Hello lovely sewing bloggers, or is that lovely blogging sewists? This post was started yesterday, with an entirely different tone. It was titled “So Many Questions”.

I still have some questions to pose, but….


…there has been a major breakthrough! It was brought about by this bit of shiny goodness, which we will get to in just a minute.

Yesterday I felt stuck and in need of some information. Why? I have plans, and ideas, and thoughts – but nothing in the works. How do you all push forward when nothing seems to be coming together?

Some obstacles:

Fitting. So much to learn – slopers, blocks, muslins…. victoriandressform

A dress form seems necessary. But what kind? My research shows that the adjustable ones may have uncooperative dials. The DIY’s made with tape are lumpy, and not good for pinning. There are endless examples – some made with paper, chicken wire, or plaster. Yikes.

Fabric choice. Am I ready for stretch? Wool? How are my skills coming along? Why does everything take me so long? Can I move up to higher quality fabrics?

Pattern choice. How long with the easy to sew patterns? When can I graduate to something more complicated? Do I even want to attempt that?

That was yesterday. Today is a new day, and now you’ll learn about the aforementioned breakthrough.

My mother-in-law’s birthday was yesterday. I bought her a bouquet from the supermarket, and took it home to arrange in a vase. I unwrapped and trimmed the flowers and placed them in the vase. No big deal, right? But wait! I threw away the wrapping, and picked up the piece of gold sheer fabric that surrounded the bunch, and nearly tossed it out also.

Wonder of wonders, my old sewing brain kicked in. The gold sheer piece is not trash and it must be saved. In fact, I will use it in my next project – the “stolen from Anthropologie” skirt. The sheer will become practice appliques!

See the close up of skirt below.


I’m thinking of using a soft wool fabric for the skirt (if it’s not too heavy) and just a few appliques in subdued colors; not quite so fancy, but still nice. This is the vintage-style pattern I’ve (almost) decided upon. I saw Tanya modeling hers on Mrs. Hughes, and it seemed to fit the bill, Do you think it has enough “swish”? Will the wool be suitable?


My next two projects after this skirt, will be

1. this pair of pants, made from Simplicity K1620, coming from Teresa of Navybluethreads via her giveaway,



2. this dress, pattern designed by Tina of GavannaSewing.gavannadress_il_570xN_801264440_5ekd

So there ya go. Plans! Pattern and fabric stashes soon to come! Can you believe it? All is not lost. My inner sewist is beginning to resurface.

14 thoughts on “It’s a breakthrough!

  1. It’s funny what you notice once you start sewing and the paper from around the flowers should do a good job with your appliqué.
    Is that your antique mannequin in the photograph? I have a proliferation of them here – although none with the wire bottom (yet) – and often put my projects on them although not usually for fitting purposes. I imagine you are not the same shape as the one in the photograph unless you have to be laced in to your corset every morning 😉


    • Not my mannequin – grabbed her from pinterest – I love that you have some old ones, they’re quite decorative. I need a real one for fitting. And no, my shape would be more similar to that of a wine barrel, but hopefully not quite so large in circumference. The corset would need to be laced with a boot against my back! Ouch!


  2. Oh yes, I have a whole box full of ribbons cut off from flowers, chocolates, RTW labels… This sewing malarkey creates a whole lot of stuff. But do you know? I think that gold material will work 🙂 I think with the patterns, the levels are a guide, but you should see what you’re actually going to wear. Looking forward to seeing the plan coming together, and glad you liked the pattern I sent though.


    • Guess I’ll need some sort of stash box for these things now, won’t I. Another basket for the dining room table! What do you use the labels for? Been under the weather a bit so nothing much has been done….will get a move on this week hopefully and have a completed project to share soon. I think the pants from that pattern will work just fine, and the little top is pretty cute, too. 🙂

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  3. Oooooh, how wonderful that you’re planning to make my Kilafors dress!!! If there´s anything you need to ask or if you have some feedback for me, don’t hesitate to let me know right away!! The rest of your plans look very good too, and I really like that gold fabric!!


    • Thank you! I’ll definitely keep you posted. 🙂 The gold is about 12″ square, with a hole in the middle, and it should make several circles. Either for practice, or the real skirt, depending on…well, everything! But it is a pretty color, isn’t it.


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